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PART 5 OF our 5 week assignments

Health Science

PART 5 OF our 5 week assignments. As I mentioned all of these assignments go together so please read carefully and make sure you tie this last assignment with the last 4 you have done on transplant tourism. The instructions state exactly what you have to do.

This week’s focus is on the nurse leader’s role in this and in similar projects.

Consider and discuss the nurse leader’s role at each stage of your project. In your introductory paragraph to the paper, summarize the nurse leader’s role in your project in regard to:

  • Defining / identifying / assessing the problem or issue (from Week 1)
  • Determining the scope / frequency of the problem (from Week 2)
  • Providing support for research and the need for the change (from Week 3)
  • And supporting with planning and implementation of the project (from Week 4)

In separate sections of the paper (organized using APA Level 1 headings), identify the actions that a nurse leader would take with regards to the following:

  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Training
  • Budget
  • Change management
  • Include a specific change management theory that is appropriate to this project, and why it is applicable.
  • What authority do they have?

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