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Homework answers / question archive / MGMT 4402 HR Case Analysis Managing the Human Resource Function This case must be typed and completed individually

MGMT 4402 HR Case Analysis Managing the Human Resource Function This case must be typed and completed individually


MGMT 4402 HR Case Analysis

Managing the Human Resource Function

This case must be typed and completed individually.  Evidence of group work on this exercise will be considered a violation of our academic integrity policy.  Furthermore, you are strictly forbidden from sharing your answers (i.e. write-up) with anyone currently enrolled, previously enrolled, or to be enrolled in this course in the future.

Required Length

There are no specific length requirements for your write-up.  Generally, a well done write-up for this case is probably about 3-6 pages (double-spaced).

Required Formatting

Generally, documents in Size 12, Times New Roman Font with 1” margins that are double-spaced are easiest for me to read.  If you use references, they must follow the rules detailed in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th EditionPlease see our formatting document for this exercise in Canvas and prepare your answers accordingly.

Due Date

This case must be submitted/uploaded through our LMS on or before the due date (11:59 p.m., ET) listed in the course schedule on your syllabus, unless approved otherwise by the  instructor. Late work will not be accepted.


This case consists of a description of the human resource function of a large department store.  It centers on an interview with the human resource manager at its largest store, Westpark.  The manager describes how the major human resource management functions are designed and implemented in the store.  The major purpose of this case is to give you practice critically evaluating the roles and functions of human resource departments.


MGMT 4402                                                     Human Resource Management MGMT 4402


Case Questions


Read the accompanying case and answer each of the following questions. Write your responses in a professional manner and prepare them as if you were a consultant brought in to diagnose and remedy the organization's issues. Please be sure to number your answers! 1. Provide a synopsis of the key issues presented in this case. (15 points)

  1. How does McCain view her role as human resource manager? (15 points)
  2. How would you describe the strategic orientation of the company’s human resource department? Would you describe it as more transactional/short-term oriented or strategic/ long-term oriented? (15 points)
  3. What are the implications of Exhibit 1.4 “Results of Questionnaire Completed by HR?” (15 points)
  4. Given the organization's size and strategic goals, evaluate the development of the human resource function at Harrison Brothers.  What problems do you see related to recruiting and staffing, training, compensation, and performance evaluation?  How could these major functions be improved? Be thorough and comprehensive in your answer. (40 points)




Proper grammar, mechanics, and style are expected in your work at all times.  Your grade on this case analysis may be reduced by up to 20 points for errors in these areas (depending on their severity).

You are responsible for reviewing the debrief that accompanies this case when it becomes available.  This debrief explains the key takeaways for our case and serves as my overall feedback to you.  If you have specific questions about your grade for this case you must contact me within 7 days of our debrief becoming available or within 7 days of receiving your grade (whichever occurs last).  You will need to explain to me, based on your submitted work as contrasted with the case debrief, why you believe your work should be graded differently.

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