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Homework answers / question archive / PPT on topic of your choice please follow the outline

PPT on topic of your choice please follow the outline

Health Science

PPT on topic of your choice please follow the outline. 

schizophrenia spectrum disorder, dissociative disorder, eating disorder, sleep wake disorder , disorder involving gender and identity, substance related and addictive disorder. disorder dignosed in childhood and adolescence. neurocognative disorder and disorder related to aging.Presentation Outline 1. Title page including the name of your topic and the course name, and your name and student #. 2. Your power point presentation should be 15 minutes in length. Approximately (15-20 slides). You may include short video clips that examples and or explanations of your mental health disorder. Please provide your narrative in the note section of the power point. (Basically, write out what you would have said in your presentation had you been in front of a class presenting. This should be brief summation of the slide, in point form, not paragraphs. Your topic should cover the following material: Explanation/Description of the problem situation or psychological disorder; demographics and statistical information/prevalence rates; treatment methods/modalities, for the problem situation/psychological disorder; resources within the Niagara region related to your specific disorder. APA formatted bibliography citing 5 other resources besides the text.

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