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Homework answers / question archive / Paragraph E Styles Exercise 1 (1 marks) On December 31, 2014

Paragraph E Styles Exercise 1 (1 marks) On December 31, 2014


Paragraph E Styles Exercise 1 (1 marks) On December 31, 2014. Esladius International purchased 70% of the outstanding common stock of sins Chemical Paladiun paid $140,000 for the shares and determined that the fair value of all recorded in assets and liabilities approximated their book values, with the exception of a customer list that was not recorded and had a fair vahae of $10,000, and an expected remaining useful life of 5 years. At the time of purchase, spass had stockholders' equity consisting of capital stock amounting to $20,000 and retained earnings amounting to $80,000. Any remaining excess fair value was attributed to goodwill. The separate financial statements at December 31, 2015 appear in the first two columns of the consolidation workpapers shown below. Required Complete the consolidation working papers for Paladium and Souex for the year 2015. Paid Sannex Elena Liga a Condo lated COME STATENS 52.00 112,000 8,000 atther EX05 Bantrolling Roland 380,000 1. eine a Paragraph Complete the market wenktong parpress for en Sex tot syuar 2016 RENTE DOBITE Create Conso Idated Falsalum San THE STATEERT 2010 100 BADAN 2001 12 000 000 boat asalne bther Expense Noncontrolling Interest Share sk Retina Retained Earnings 11 a: CS6,000 300,000 11 958-000 Retained EAR AALANES SHEET Last count. 135,000 64,000 200 quipon ang 1 Sonne 96,300 LAR. BU Account 105, 100 S29,000 MANTIcontrol. Donnel D. TOTAL LIB.

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