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Homework answers / question archive / 1) Research the training requirements for your local police department (searching for the State's POST requirements will help you with find this information) 2

1) Research the training requirements for your local police department (searching for the State's POST requirements will help you with find this information) 2


1) Research the training requirements for your local police department (searching for the State's POST requirements will help you with find this information)

2. Find 2 areas of training that you think are most valuable for police based on what you read this week, and based on the argument that police do not have good training- share these in the discussion board and tell WHY you think they are most valuable

3. Identify 2 areas where you think training is lacking in terms of how training in these areas would help the current state of police and community relations today and explain WHY you think the training is lacking and HOW training in these areas may improve policing and police/community relations.

Discussion 1 1) For this discussion, I researched one of the seven local law enforcement agencies, the Salisbury Police Department, located in Salisbury, Maryland on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland. Below are the following training requirements (but not limited to) to become a Salisbury Police officer. The police academy is held at Wor-Wic Community College, located in Salisbury, MD. • 26 weeks of classes - Entrance Level for Law Enforcement Officers - Wor-Wic Community College • 950 instructional hours as required by MD Police Training Commission • 131 hours of Human Relationship Training • MPTC Firearms Training • First Line Supervisor's Training • Field Training Officer Training • Comparative Compliance (part 1) - training designed for previously certified Maryland Police officers - separated from law enforcement for 5 years or less. I would suggest that officers, especially senior officers, receive Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation training. With so much talk about police brutality, use of excessive force, and officer involved shootings leading to death, these trainings would be beneficial. In my opinion, even if officers receive the best training, there is always a potential of human error. These type of trainings are very important and would be an asset for law enforcement agencies. If police officers implement these trainings and protocol, it could save time in court and alleviate lawsuits and deaths. Police Diversity training and use of excessive force are probably the two most important trainings beyond classroom instruction. Law enforcement is lacking in these area. Officers encounter all types of people, and if an officer is only familiar with their own race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, financial status, etc, this could be very challenging for them. Lack of cultural competence is one of the major problems that is affecting policing across the world. Police officers develop stereotypes based on their cultural beliefs which later results in implicit bias, which may affect them in the course of major decision-making processes. (NYPD, 2020) Officers must also be trained to think beyond the gun-belt. The pepper spray, baton, Taser, and gun that are so easily accessible to officers are meant to be tools of last resort, to be used when nonviolent tactics fail or aren’t an option. (Stoughton, 2014) If these trainings were not lacking, there would fewer cases of police brutality, unjustified shootings and deaths, and lawsuits against law enforcement. When a police officer encounters a hostile situation, I am not convinced that any training can 100 percent prepare the officer. It is imperative that law enforcement presents an image of "protect and serve", even with that, law-abiding citizens and criminals still won't accept that. As law enforcement has stereotypes, so do citizens of police officers. This is a threat to police/community relations. Discussion 2 Based on the state of California POST requirements and the reading this week, two areas of training that I think are most valuable to a police officer are Use of Force/De-escalation and People with Disabilities. For Use of Force and De-escalation training, there seems to be much controversy on the effectiveness of de-escalation. Do police officers have the cognitive ability to assess a situation to decide: "Is this something I need to de-escalate, or is this something that will require the use of force?" It may cause an officer to be killed because there is so much hesitation in responding to the situation (Engal et al., 2020), or there is too much adrenaline in the situation and fear that it causes the officer to make a fatal mistake. The police department should spend time training on the abilities of the police officers to assess the problem if the time truly allows. As for the disabilities training, these two go hand in hand. As unrealistic as it is, more mental health professionals need to assist in these situations. Citizens should be able to make a mental health call without being worried that the police will show up and kill the family member having the breakdown. Police officers are not adequately equipped to deal with citizens with disabilities, as was evident with the death of Eric Briseño in LA due to the force used by police (Tchekmedyian, 2020). There needs to be a requirement that needs to be met for police officers to be mentally stable and empathetic to citizens with disabilities. Two areas where training is lacking, I think, are the community aspect and diversity. Police officers tend to use stereotyping to determine if a crime is about to be committed, and that is a very slippery slope and part of the reason we are still dealing with racial issues today. As for the community aspect, after the reading this week, I never realized how essential community relations could be to maintain good order and safety among communities, and police officers need to make an effort to make those connections.


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