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Homework answers / question archive / i need a flowchart and pseudocode for my final project

i need a flowchart and pseudocode for my final project

Computer Science

i need a flowchart and pseudocode for my final project. My teacher

is requesting that i need a flow chart and pseudocode to go along with the project thanks

Create a program to enter grades and calculate averages and letter grades.

-Need a class which will contain:
-Student Name
-Student Id
-Student Grades (an array of 3 grades)
-A constructor that clears the student data (use -1 for unset grades)
-Get functions for items a, b, and c, average, and letter grade
-Set functions for items a, n, and c
-Note that the get and set functions for Student grades need an argument for the grade index.
-Need another class which will contain:
-An Array of Students (1 above)
-A count of number of students in use
-You need to create a menu interface that allows you to:
-Add new students
-Enter test grades
-Display all the students with their names, ids, test grades, average, and letter grade
-Exit the program
-Add comments and use proper indentation.Nice Features:
·      I would like that system to accept a student with no grades, then later add one or more grades, and when all grades are entered, calculate the final average or grade.
·      I would like the system to display the students in alphabetical order (no matter what order they are entered in)
This project is a challenge. Do the best you can and I will grade it accordingly.
Basically, I will award points for
1)Creating a Student class that can perform the tasks requested (30 points)
2)Creating an array of Student and loading it (20 points)
3)Modifying the data in that array (20 points)
4)Displaying results for all students (10 points)
5)Proper indentation, comments, and "Nice Features" items (20 points)
6)Note that submitting a program that does not compile is an automatic deduction of 20 points.
If you have any questions, please contact me as soon as possible.
An example menu might be:
Enter A to Add Students
Enter B to Enter Test Grades
                      Enter C to Display Results
                      Enter D to Exit Program
                      Please select A, B, C, or D:
For item B, you will need to prompt the user to enter the test number and then enter the value for each student for that test (if there is a previous value, you should display it and if the user enters the empty string, not change the value).

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