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Homework answers / question archive / Problem 9-26 (Algorithmic) (LO

Problem 9-26 (Algorithmic) (LO


Problem 9-26 (Algorithmic) (LO. 1, 3, 5) Kim works for a clothing manufacturer as a dress designer. During 2020, she travels to New York City to attend five days of fashion shows and then spends three days sightseeing. Her expenses are as follows: Airfare $1,800 2,340 Lodging (8 nights) Meals (8 days) 2,160 Airport transportation 110 Assume lodging/meals are the same amount for the business and personal portion of the trip ($293 per day for lodging and $270 per day for meals). If an amount is zero, enter "O". If required, round all interim calculations to nearest dollar. a. Determine Kim's business expenses, presuming no reimbursement. Airfare 1,800 Lodging 1,465 675 Meals 110 Transportation Total 4,050 What amount may she deduct on her tax return? 2,140 x

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