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Homework answers / question archive / The cost data of BIG HIT INC

The cost data of BIG HIT INC


The cost data of BIG HIT INC. for the month of April 2011 shows the following: Payroll of Factory employees, net of taxes amounting to 5,600, is 33,450.00; Property taxes of Factory plant 6,000; Salary of security guard of factory plant 5,000; Depreciation of Office building 3,500; Depreciation of store building 4,500; Depreciation of factory plant 2,800; Total Materials purchased, (includes indirect materials of 4,000) is 40,000; Increase in Direct materials inventory 15,000.00 ; Increase in Indirect Direct materials inventory 0; Decrease in WIP 8,900; Increase in Finished goods 12,50O. What is the Cost of goods sold (COGS)?


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