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Homework answers / question archive / New Perspectives Excel 2019 Module 1: Textbook Project 1

New Perspectives Excel 2019 Module 1: Textbook Project 1

MS Excel

New Perspectives Excel 2019 Module 1: Textbook Project

1. Starting a New Workbook

To insert and name the Documentation and Site Information worksheets

To move the Documentation worksheet

To delete a worksheet

2. Entering Text, Dates, and Numbers

To enter text in the Documentation sheet

To undo the text entry in cell B5

To enter information about the conference site

To enter a date into the Documentation sheet

To enter the first part of the table of miscellaneous expenses

To enter the miscellaneous expenses

3. Resizing Columns and Rows

To increase the width of column A

To set the width of column B using the Format command

To use AutoFit to display all the contents of columns C and E

4. Calculating with Formulas

To enter a formula that calculates the total cost of printing

To enter a formula to calculate the cost of shuttle using the mouse

To copy and paste the formula in cell F12

5. Calculating with Functions

To use AutoSum to sum the miscellaneous expense values

To calculate the sales tax and total expenses

6. Non-graded - Modifying a Worksheet

7. Using the COUNT Function

To use the COUNT and SUM functions to create an expense summary

8. Modifying Rows and Columns

To insert a range to enter the account IDs

9. Using Flash Fill

10. Formatting a Worksheet

To add borders around the worksheet cells

To change the font size of the worksheet title

11. Printing a Workbook

To change the page orientation of the worksheet

12. Viewing Worksheet Formulas


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