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Homework answers / question archive / New Perspectives Excel 2019 Module 2: Textbook Project Cullin Fitzpatrick 1

New Perspectives Excel 2019 Module 2: Textbook Project Cullin Fitzpatrick 1

MS Excel

New Perspectives Excel 2019 Module 2: Textbook Project

Cullin Fitzpatrick

1. Formatting Cell Text

To format the company name

To change the font color of the company name and slogan

2. Working with Fill Colors and Backgrounds

To change the font and fill colors in the Documentation sheet

To change the tab color of the Documentation sheet

To add a background image to the Documentation sheet

3. Using Functions and Formulas with Sales Data

To calculate Bristol Bay's sales and profit/loss

To calculate the per-store statistics

To calculate the net and percent changes

To calculate different subtotals of the gross sales

4. Formatting Numbers

To format the gross sales in the Accounting format

To decrease the number of decimal places in the report

To format the percent change values as percentages

To format the date in the Long Date format

5. Formatting Worksheet Cells

To left-align the date and center the column titles

To indent the expense categories

To add borders to the sales statistics data

To format the monthly sales data

To merge the state name cells

To rotate the state names

6. Exploring the Format Cells Dialog Box

To use the Format Cells dialog box to format the column titles

To format the row titles

7. Calculating Averages

To calculate the average monthly sales for each store

To add a double border to the state results

8. Applying Cell Styles

To apply cell styles to the Sales Report worksheet

To create the Bristol Bay Title custom cell style

9. Copying and Pasting Formats

To use the Format Painter to copy and paste a format

To copy and paste multiple formats in the sales statistics data

10. Finding and Replacing Text and Formats

To replace all occurrences of "Ave." and "Ln."

11. Working with Themes

To change the workbook's theme

12. Highlighting Data with Conditional Formats

To highlight negative values in red

To document the top 5% conditional formatting rule

13. Formatting a Worksheet for Printing

To set the print area of the Sales Report worksheet

To remove the automatic page breaks and insert manual page breaks

To set the print titles

To rescale the printout

To set up the page header

To create the page footer

To set the left margin


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