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Homework answers / question archive / Article Evaluation on:  Grote, K

Article Evaluation on:  Grote, K


Article Evaluation on: 

Grote, K. S., Russell, E. E., Bates, O., & Gonzalez, R. (2021). Bilingual cognition and growth  

            mindset: A review of cognitive flexibility and its implications for dual language 

            education. Current Issues in Education, 22(2). 


Please provide the following in 3 pages

1. Introduction - Two to four sentences, why you believe the article is significant and felt suitable for evaluation. What is the topic concern about? Overall evaluation of the article.

2. Article summary - Summarize the topic of the article, its purpose, and its conclusions. (This is not an evaluation criterion but rather a place for you to provide needed background to the reader).

3. Reliability- Make a claim as to the reliability of the article and journal. Do research on the journal and its editors, its publication and peer review criteria, etc. Consider whether the journal asks authors to pay for publication, which can erode credibility since the journal has a financial incentive in accepting articles. Research the authors of the article similarly.

4. Currency - Evaluate how recent (up to date) the article's supporting information is. Review the list of references to determine whether the article was relying on published works that were recent as of the time of publication. Evaluate whether the article is doing primary research that would have been current at the time of publication. Assess whether the article is failing to include more current sources and developments.

5. Layout - Make a claim about the design and layout of the article. Consider the use of headings, adequate white space, contrast, column format, headers and/or footers, smooth inclusion of graphics, professional fonts. These factors will particularly apply to .pdf documents. In contrast, html documents will likely be more limited in design--thus providing you a valid criticism.

6. Audience Accommodation- make a claim about how well the article serves that audience. In performing your analysis, focus on the purpose of the information provided, vocabulary, graphics, level of detail or data, assumed background knowledge of the audience, etc.) Be sure to discuss the site's content (with examples) and to include a discussion of how the audience would apply the site's information. Determine how effectively you think the site would reach its audience. What could or should be changed in terms of audience?

7. Conclusion

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