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Homework answers / question archive / Northeast Texas Community College INTR TO A 1301 12

Northeast Texas Community College INTR TO A 1301 12


Northeast Texas Community College

INTR TO A 1301


1)Anselm Kiefer was one of the most prominent Neo-Expressionists. His work

                         a     Was an exploration of flatness.

b             Dealt directly with the trauma of Germany’s past.

c              Consisted of mass-produced replicas of works of other artists. d               Explored the role of the subconscious and dream images.

2              Ingress believed that great art can only be made from a                Great subject matter.

b             Exotic cultures.

c              Religious subjects

d             Mythological heroes.

3              Salvador dali’s The Persistence of Memory is an example of        art.


a.            Romantic

b.            Surrealist

c.             Renaissance

d.            Abstract expressionist

4                                             is a term used to donate various reactions made by artists after Impressionism was popular. a                              Post-impressionism

b             Postmodernism c             Dadaism

d             Cubism

5              Knowledge of    would have enriched the experience of those who visited Gupta’s Very Hungry God. a Hindu rituals and beliefs

b             The controversy behind erecting the installation c            The story of the seven sages

d             The Christian vanitas image

6              Ernesto Neto’s Leviathan Thot was a temporary installation at the a        Paris pantheon

b             Brazilian congress c         Coliseum

d             Parthenon

7              In 1920, the        was founded a  Louvre

b             Cold war museum

c              Museum of modern art d             Picasso art society

8              One of the leading painters of the romantic movement in France was a Eugene Delacroix

b             Manet

c              Jacques-louis David d     Gustave Courbet

9                                             was the official art style taught in art schools and institutions during the nineteenth century. a                              Surrealism

b             Romanticism c   Neoclassicism d Cubism

10           Painting is the primary medium used by all of the following artists except a          Alice Neel

b             Mark Rothko

c              Louise bourgeois

d             Helen Frankenthaler

11           The increase in  around the world created an expanded network that enabled art from around the world to circulate and become better known

a              Performances

b             Newsletters

c              Exhibition spaces d          Happenings

12                                          claimed the right to distort visual appearances to express psychological or emotional states. a                                Fauvism

b             Realism

c              Expressionism d               Minimalism

13           Neoclassical style moved forward because of David’s student a Merry-Joseph Blondel

b             Jacques Amans


c              Pierre Bouillon

d             Jean-August-Dominque Ingres

14           Manet’s Le Dejeuner sur I’herbe portrays two men in a park with a         A naked woman

b             Abstract figures c             A lake

d             A dog

15                                          focused on the bold, arbitrary, and expressive use of color. a                     Futurism

b             Fauvism

c              Happenings d    Surrealism

16           Fertile Land is by the Cambodian artist a                Gupta

b             Qureshi

c              Pich

d             Ortega

17           In the nineteenth century, the mark of artistic success in France was acceptance to the a              Annual salon

b             New York school of art c               Annual country fair

d             Museum of fine arts

18           This leader of the romantic movement painted liberty leading the people a         Renoir

b             Ingres

c              Monet

d             Delacroix

19           The starry night was painted by a             Dali

b             Van gogh

c              Munch

d             Picasso

20           Sol lewitt’s wall drawing #122 is an example of a                Surrealism

b             Conceptual art c               Realism

d             Pointillism


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