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St. Philips College

ECON 101

Chapter 10

1)Which of the following is likely to occur if a monopoly suddenly loses its ability to deny potential competitors entry into the market?


  1. Which of the following was the first to prohibit "conspiracies in restraint of trade"?


  1. There is an inherent tendency of a monopoly industry to


  1. A monopolist that does not practice price discrimination should never produce in the



  1. Google is currently being investigated by


  1. According to the text, one argument in favor of concentration of market power is that



  1. Which of the following does not contribute to a firm maintaining a monopoly?


  1. Which of the following prohibits exclusive dealing?


  1. Monopolists set prices


  1. Compared with a competitive market with the same cost and market demand circumstances, a monopolist has


  1. Which of the following is an argument in favor of a competitive market structure rather than monopoly?


  1. Assume a monopoly confronts the same costs and demand as a competitive industry. In this case, the monopolist produces


  1. The Microsoft Corporation was sued by the government for all but which one of the following antitrust violations?


  1. Economies of scale over the entire range of market output


  1. Any firm that has economies of scale will


  1. Which of the following is the same for monopoly and competition under the same cost and demand conditions?


  1. Price discrimination allows a producer to
  2. Which of the following rules is satisfied when a monopoly maximizes profits?


  1. If a firm can change market prices by altering its output, then it


  1. The marginal revenue curve is below the demand curve










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