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University of South Florida, St


University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

BSC 1005C

Quiz 3:

1)During the citric acid cycle, both NAD+ and FAD________________electrons and become                   .

  1. The carbon dioxide released by the lungs into the atmosphere was very likely produced within


  1. Which of the following occurs when water is released (lost) during a reaction?
  2. Identify the molecule labeled “3”.
  3. Identify the molecule labeled “D”.
  4. How is ATP used in our bodies?
  5. There have been cases reported worldwide about women having strange, non-food cravings while pregnant, such as eating dirt. This condition, known as                                  disorder, may be associated with nutritional deficiencies, or lead toxicity.
  6. Poverty levels are very high in underdeveloped nations. Due to this, many times adults and children have little to no food to eat. Inadequate food intake in children causes a condition called

                         which is characterized by severe malnourishment resulting in their weight falling below standards set for children of similar age.

  1. Besides our dietary intake and organ synthesis of cholesterol, what are two factors that can affect blood cholesterol levels?
  2. Alana was born with a condition called                                            , which is a common inherited type of hyperlipidemia characterized by high blood levels of lipids.
  3. A condition that is indicative of an underlying medical condition called                             , occurs when an individual persistently loses their appetite.
  4. Storage molecules called triglycerides are catabolized to provide what molecule to the nutrient pool?
  5. What molecule will pyruvate be converted to if inadequate amounts of oxygen are in the cytoplasm?
  6. What molecule is produced when the final electron acceptor in the ETS gains the required electrons?
  7. The citric acid cycle produces two ATP molecules from GTP. What type of phosphorylation process is used to create the ATP during this step of cellular respiration?



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