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John B


John B. Alexander High School- Loredo


Ralph Waldo Emerson, NATURE

1)In the introduction to “Nature,” Emerson divides the universe into which two components?


2.            According to Emerson, how does a person find solitude for reflection?


3.            Emerson states that one class of person is best able to see the “integrity of impression” made by the land. Who is this person?


4.            According to Emerson, all of the uses of the world can be divided into which four categories?


5.            What term does Emerson use to describe man’s creation of beauty?


6.            What purpose does language have in relation to Nature, according to Emerson in Chapter IV?


7.            In his chapter on idealism, Emerson describes how feelings of the sublime result from a recognition of the difference “between man and nature.“

When he continues by discussing the activities and abilities of the poet, how does he express the function of the poet?


8.            In the chapter of spirit, Emerson explains how the world differs from the physical body in one important respect. What is this essential difference?


9.            Which of the following most closely resembles the meaning of Emerson’s call to “look at the world with new eyes?”


10.          At the end of Nature, how does Emerson compare the prospects of Adam and Caesar to those of the common man?






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