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Homework answers / question archive / Carlin High School A EN MISC Chapters 9 and 10: 1)How does Mina describe Jonathan in her letter to Lucy? Mina tells Lucy he is back to his old self

Carlin High School A EN MISC Chapters 9 and 10: 1)How does Mina describe Jonathan in her letter to Lucy? Mina tells Lucy he is back to his old self


Carlin High School


Chapters 9 and 10:

1)How does Mina describe Jonathan in her letter to Lucy?

    1. Mina tells Lucy he is back to his old self.
    2. Mina tells Lucy he is thin, pale, and weak-looking.
    3. Mina tells Lucy he very sick and can not get out of bed.
    4. Mina tells Lucy he is very banged-up, but he will be fine.


  1. What request does Jonathan make of Mina regarding his notebook?
    1. He wants her to read it so that she will understand what he’s been through.
    2. He wants her to burn it.
    3. He wants her to keep it in a safe place and read it only if she wants to.
    4. He wants her to pass it on to Dr. Seward to help with Lucy’s condition.


  1. Where were Mina and Jonathan married?
    1. Mina and Jonathan were married at the insane asylum.
    2. Mina and Jonathan were married at Hillingham.
    3. Mina and Jonathan were married at the hospital.
    4. Mina and Jonathan were married in Transylvania.


  1. What does Mina do with Jonathan’s notebook?
    1. She reads it and is horrified.
    2. She burns it.
    3. She wraps it and ties it with ribbon as a wedding gift to Jonathan.
    4. She gives it to Dr. Seward.


  1. What daily pattern has developed in Renfield since Dr. Seward confined him to a straight jacket and a padded room?
    1. He sits in the corner of the room all day.
    2. He is wild and crazy all day.
    3. He is violent during the day and quiet from moonrise to sunrise.
    4. He refuses to eat.


  1. How does Renfield escape a second time?
    1. He breaks out through the window.
    2. He pretends to be sick so the attendant will open the door to his cell.
    3. He hides behind the door and runs out when the attendant comes in to look for him.
    4. When the attendant opens the cell he knocks him down and runs.


  1. What begins happening to Lucy upon her return home to Hillingham?
    1. She begins sleepwalking.
    2. She has terrible nightmares.
    3. She begins to feel very depressed.
    4. She is getting very thin.



  1. Arthur Holmwood asks Dr. Seward to examine Lucy. What are Dr. Seward’s findings regarding Lucy?
    1. He thinks that she has a rare blood disease.
    2. He finds that her muscles are beginning to deteriorate.
    3. He finds nothing at all to be concerned about.
    4. He can not find any functional disturbance, but is concerned about her weakness and appearance.


  1. What is Lucy’s condition when Dr. Seward and Van Helsing visit her on September 7th?
    1. Lucy is sitting up in bed and eating soup.
    2. Lucy is in a coma.
    3. Lucy is ghastly, chalkily pale and having trouble breathing.
    4. Lucy is in a trance-like state.


  1. What action does Van Helsing believe is necessary to keep Lucy alive?
    1. chemotherapy
    2. a tight tourniquet around the wound on her throat to keep it from bleeding
    3. angioplasty
    4. a blood transfusion


  1. Who arrives and offers to help in Van Helsing’s first treatment of Lucy?
    1. Dr. Seward
    2. Arthur Holmwood
    3. Quincey Morris
    4. Jonathan Harker


  1. What specific instructions does Van Helsing give Dr. Seward regarding Lucy before he leaves for Amsterdam?
    1. to make sure she gets up and walks every hour to increase circulation
    2. to be sure she eats at least five small meals a day
    3. to never leave her unattended for any reason
    4. to make sure she drinks at least sixty-four ounces of water daily


  1. What does Van Helsing discover upon his return to Hillingham?
    1. Lucy’s mother has died.
    2. Lucy is feeling like her old self again.
    3. Mina has come down with the same illness as Lucy.
    4. Dr. Seward left Lucy alone, and she is very ill.


  1. Who aids Van Helsing in the second transfusion to Lucy?
    1. Quincey Morris
    2. Jonathan Harker
    3. Abraham Van Helsing
    4. Dr. Seward



  1. What is in the package that Van Helsing receives from abroad?
    1. garlic flowers
    2. tulips
    3. pieces of the Host (consecrated communion wafers)
    4. a medical journal to help him in his treatment of Lucy










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