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Homework answers / question archive / Carleton University ERTH 2415 Quiz 2: 1)You are in a helicopter following a tsunami

Carleton University ERTH 2415 Quiz 2: 1)You are in a helicopter following a tsunami

Earth Science

Carleton University

ERTH 2415

Quiz 2:

1)You are in a helicopter following a tsunami. You measure the time between successive waves to be 100s. The frequency of the tsunami is 100s.

a)            True b) False


2.            Tsunami waves can have a velocity similar to the cruising speed of a jumbo jet a) True

b) False


3.            The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is the US agency responsible for monitoring the conditions of oceans, waterways, and the atmosphere. The following webpage is operated by NOAA and tracks tsunamis in the pacific ocean.The website lists Tsunami Messages for All Regions for the past 30 days. Select the HTML announcement for Kilauea Volcano on 14 July 2018 05:12.

An earthquake of a magnitude of 5.2 was observed. A tsunami warning was issued.

a)            True b) False


4.            Go to the Pacific Tsunami warning centre website. Go to FAQ (left) webpage. The frequency of a major tsunami is 1 every 10 years.

a)            True

b)            False


5.            The department of Public safety operates the Get Prepared” website which provides useful tips to the public on how to prepare for a natural disaster. We wll explore this information. A tsunami can occur in large lakes but with a big warning,

a)            True b) False


6.            Shield Volcanoes are smaller than lava plateaus

a)            True b) False


7.            An increase in pressure is the most important mechanism to cause solid rock to melt into magma.

a)            True b) False


8.            The Cascade Range of volcanoes of Northwestern North America is part of a chain of subduction zone volcanoes.

a)            True


b)            False


9.            Mt. Baker is considered a formant volcano since the ash explosions were in the 1840s.

a)            True b) False


10.          In the textbook, go to Chapter 6 > (p190). Regarding volcanic causes of death, the top 3 direct causes of deaths are pyroclastic flows, tsunami, and lahar.

a)            True

b)            False


11.          In the textbook, go to Chapter 6 > Section Canada’s Sleeping Volcanoes > Garibaldi Volcano, Southern British Columbia (p181).

Garibaldi volcano is a stratovolcano that has been damaged and rebuilt several times in a succession of violent eruptions..

a)            True

b)            False


12.          The USGS is an agency responsible for providing science on natural hazards in the US. The USGS Volcanic hazards program website provides information on volcano monitoring, news and safety.

Go to the USGS website and navigate to “Prepare” (top right) and “During an Eruption” (left).

If you are near or downwind of a volcano during an eruption, you should not drive unless absolutely necessary.

a)            True

b)            False


13.          In the USGS Volcanic hazards program website, go to “Volcano Updates” “Alert-level system.

Notifications are issued through 10 regional US Volcano observatories.

a)            True b) False


14.          In the textbook, review the in Greater depth > Volcanic ash: challenge to air traffic safety (p/186).

Ash can melt and later solidify on turbine blades, causing the engine to stall. a) True

b) False


15.          In Lake Nyos, Cameroon a successful solution to reduce the CO2 hazard has been installed vertical pipes to bring the CO2 to the surface.

a)            True

b)            False



16.          Go to the Pacific tsunami warning centre website. Go to FAQ and Identify the FALSE statement.






a)            The wave looks and acts like giant river of water on top of the ocean that floods the shore.

b)            Seismic waves travel about 100 times faster than tsunami waves. This means, we can detect and study the earthquake much more quickly than the tsunami itself.

c)            A tsunami advisory is issued when there is an earthquake of any kind    

                on the coast.

d)            A boat at sea should stay at sea until the harbor authority says it is safe to return







17.          Regarding tsunamis and Canada, identify the FALSE statement.

a)            The most frequent source of tsunami in BC is from Alaska.

b)            The 1929 Grand Banks earthquake event, that triggered the tsunami,     caused major damage before the tsunami reached land

c)            The 1700 Cascadia earthquake and tsunami is known through oral history and is known to have destroyed a coastal village on Vancouver Island.

d)            A tsunami generated from an earthquake in the Cascadia subduction zone would strike within minutes.


18.          In the textbook, go to Chapter 7 Tsunamis > Section Wind-caused Waves versus Tsunami Waves (p213). Identify the FALSE statement.

a)            Tsunami waves have less momentum than wind-caused waves.

b)            In the open ocean, wind-caused waves are generally taller than tsunami waves.

c)            Wind-caused waves are different than tsunami waves in that each wave can be considered a solitary unit.

d)            A knee high tsunami can kill you


19.          You decide you want to observe active volcanic activity. The safest volcano to observe would be located in



a) Kilimanjaro, Tanzania b) Iceland

c)            Tambora Indonesia.

d)            Mount St. Helens









20.          In the textbook, go to Chapter 5 Volcanic Eruptions and Landforms, Section “The Three Vs of Volcanology” (p156).

Table 5.5 and 5.6 realate the magma characteristics and the 3 Vs. Review these tables and the associated text.

Strombolian eruption style is NOT characterized by:

a)            The presence of andesite.

b)            A 5km eruption column.

c)            3477 eruptions in the past 10 000 years. d) A 13 hour continuous blast.








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