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Homework answers / question archive / Write 9 pages with APA style on Organisational Change Case Report

Write 9 pages with APA style on Organisational Change Case Report


Write 9 pages with APA style on Organisational Change Case Report. However, the restructuring process resulted in loss of customer loyalty and negative publicity. In the current study, various models for organisational change have been studied and the best model for Qantas change management has been selected. This model has been used in various applications in order to facilitate better communication and increase motivation as well as employee engagement. The model is also helpful in determining the various strategies through which the business can be improved and made sustainable. Conclusions helped in wrapping up the entire report with important points. Recommendations have been given in terms of the failure of earlier strategies as well as future strategies, which can be an added advantage to the current change management process. Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Critical Evaluation of Diagnostic Models 3 2.1 Open system Model 3 2.2 Congruence Model 4 2.3 Burke-Litwin Model 5 2.4 Choice of Diagnostic Model for Qantas 6 3. Application of selected model to Qantas 6 3.1 Application in the formal organizational system 7 3.2 Application in informal organization 8 3.3 Application in Employee management 8 4. Conclusion 9 5. Recommendations 9 References 11 1. Introduction Qantas is an airline carrier in Australia. The airline carries 65 percent share of the domestic market of Australia and around 19 percent of international passengers travelling in and out of the nation. Sydney airport is the major hub (Qantas, 2013a). The company saw a huge decline in their profit margin in the year 2012 when profits went negative (Qantas, 2013b). As a result, the management decided to bring about huge restructuring in their organization as well as strategies. The airline carrier has been involved in organizational restructuring as a result of the increasing economic downturn and loss of revenue. The organization was in news because of its massive reduction in management staffs and employee layoffs as a fundamental review process (Paraskevas, 2006). Through this organizational change management process, the company hopes to cope up with the ongoing economic challenges and revive its organization from the present global financial downturn. The objective of this report is to analyze the change management process occurring in the organization. The study will involve use of various diagnostic tools for organizational change management and identify the tools best suitable for the organization. Literature review as well as organizational practice will be considered while reviewing and identifying recommendations and selecting appropriate methods. 2. Critical Evaluation of Diagnostic Models 2.1 Open system Model It is an organizational model which recognizes that an organization exists in the framework of a bigger environment which affects its performance and in turn also affects the way an organization interacts with the change. According to this model, firms operate within external environment, taking specific inputs and transforming those using technical and social processes (Sullivan, 2004). The outputs are returned to this environment and used as feedback for firm’s functioning. Open system model can be described on the basis of its various properties described below. Environment: Open system environment involve people and organization exchanging resources and information with the environment.

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