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Homework answers / question archive / Rhetorical Analysis and Advertisements Complete the questions below

Rhetorical Analysis and Advertisements Complete the questions below


Rhetorical Analysis and Advertisements Complete the questions below. You should have a paragraph for each of the questions (except for question 1). Search for an ad on the internet. You can search for vintage ads like the one I choose in the example video, or you can choose a contemporary ad. You could also choose a commercial that you locate on Yournibe. 1) Include an image of the advertisement or the link to where you found it, so that I can look at it when reviewing your responses. 2) Look carefully at the advertisements you chose and identify the various techniques and elements used by the advertiser to sell their product (what colors do they use, do they use models or rely solely on the product, what "type" of people are in these ads, what props are used, etc.?). 3) Consider the concepts of ethos, logos, and pathos used in this ad to appeal to the audience. Explain how the ad used each of the appeals to reach its audience. 4) What do these elements and techniques tell us about the product? What values/lifestyle is the advertiser linking to their product? 5) For what audience do you feel the ads are targeted. How do these ads cater to their specific audience? Do you think the advertiser's techniques are effective for this audience? 

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