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Homework answers / question archive / North Carolina Central University NUTRITION 2200 Ch

North Carolina Central University NUTRITION 2200 Ch

Health Science

North Carolina Central University


Ch. 6-Proteins and Amino Acids: Functions follows Forms

1)There are 20 different amino acids your body choose from to build proteins.   are nonessential and      are essential.

a.   11, 9

b.   5, 15

c.   13, 7

d.   7, 13


2.            what condition would bring about a negative nitrogen balance?

a.            Adolescence

b.            Someone recovering from an illness

c.             Pregnancy

d.            Extreme weight-loss diet


3.            Which person would have the lowest protein needs when expressed as grams per kilogram of weight?

a.            An infant

b.            A 17-year-old female

c.             A 17-year-old male

d.            A 55-year-old woman


4.            What is the fewest number of amino acids in a oligopeptide?

a.            4

b.            10

c.             20

d. 100



5.            If the diet does no supple enough blood proteins, edema will occur because

a.            The immune response is weakened


b.            There is an inadequate amount of blood proteins available to attract fluid from tissue into the blood

c.             Blood will become too alkaline

d.            Absence of blood proteins does not cause edema


6.            Which of the following is a motor protein?

a.            Albumin

b.            Collagen

c.             Keratin

d.            None of the above


7.            An example of a good complementary protein food combination is

a.            Oatmeal and sunflower seeds

b.            An English muffin and granola

c.             A whole wheat bagel and peanut butter

d.            Tofu and peanut butter


8.            A pesco-vegetarian will eat

a.            Diary products, eggs, and fish

b.            Diary products, eggs and chicken

c.             Eggs

d.            No animal foods at all


9.            Lacto-ovo vegetarians could have a hard time getting adequate amounts of        in their diets.

a.            Fat

b.            Cholesterol

c.             Calcium

d.            Iron


10.          The protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score accounts for

a.            Digestibility of the protein

b.            Limiting amino acids

c.             Amino acids in food

d.            A and C


11.          True of False: Marasmus develops more slowly than kwashiorkor and results from chronic PEM.


12.          Just as glucose is the basic building block of carbohydrates,          are the basic building blocks of protein.

a.            Lipids

b.            Amino acids

c.             Enzymes

d.            Collagen


13.                         is the most abundant fibrous protein in the body.

a.            Collagen

b.            Keratin

c.             Motor proteins

d.            Amino acids


14.          True or False: Generally, high protein plant foods also contribute complex carbohydrates to the body.


15.          True or False: Our bodies constantly assemble, break down, and use proteins.


16.          True or False: In the United States, PEM occurs in newborns more often than any other population group.


17.          True or False: Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions and are used up themselves in the process.


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