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Homework answers / question archive / LEARNING OUTCOMES (LO) APPLIED IN THIS ASSESSMENT LO1: analyse and critically evaluate major ideas and practices in the field of people management

LEARNING OUTCOMES (LO) APPLIED IN THIS ASSESSMENT LO1: analyse and critically evaluate major ideas and practices in the field of people management



LO1: analyse and critically evaluate major ideas and practices in the field of people management.

LO2: evaluate major contemporary theoretical and managerial perspectives on people management.

LO5: engage critically and analytically with literature relating to major developments in the field of people management.

LO6: appreciate how research into effective people management underpins thinking in the other, more specialised fields of HRM and HRD practice that you will be studying.

LO8: effectively apply HR theories and models to situations and various scenarios.

LO12: develop and express strong, original and well-justified arguments to support your views.


Students are required to produce a reflective report (LO2/LO8) on varied leadership approaches taken by different leaders in managing the changes arising from a contemporary issue (i.e. COVID 19). In order to achieve this, the main body of your report must include the following:

1) A brief introduction to the conceptual approaches of leadership and change management (LO1/LO2)

2) Exploration of the role of flexible leadership and individual perspectives in relation to leaders managing change of the pandemic (discussed through relevant literature, tools and techniques) (LO2/LO5/LO8).

3) Critical analysis of why the issue has strategic importance in understanding leadership approaches and their impact on its stakeholders whilst proffering some recommendations (discussed through relevant literature and supported by other contemporary examples) (LO2/LO6/LO12).

The reflective report requires you to use the relevant module material (ideas, concepts, theories, frameworks and research findings) to inform your evaluation. The assignment encourages you to take a strategic view of what good leadership entails and an evaluation of today’s global leaders in embracing flexibility to managing change whilst dealing with current and emerging global trends. Well established media (e.g. BBC, Financial Times, New York Times, etc) may be used to develop the context of the discussion, but the material used to underpin the research and analysis should be from academic books and/or updated peer-reviewed academic journals.







Introduction: 500 words -10 marks

General background on the topic you are going to discuss. Possible definitions for terms relating to the question. What the essay will include and/or leave out (scope). What themes the essay will discuss and the order they are presented. What the essay will argue / demonstrate (thesis statement).


Main Body (UnderstandingReading and Critical Analysis): 2000 words -55marks

The following structure can be used for discussion of the themes that you have identified: 2000 words

T - topic (sentence to introduce the theme or topic of the paragraph)

E - example (you could mention an example here to focus the topic)

S - support (bring in supporting information from your research / eg. theory, research studies, statistics, legislation, professional guidelines, examples from practice)

T - talk about the ideas (strengths, weaknesses, importance, relevance, usefulness, comparison to other ideas). Evaluation and critical discussion of the supporting materials and how they relate to the question under scrutiny - keep the discussion focused on answering the question in the title.


Conclusions and Recommendations. 500-800 words -15 marks

Links back to the themes identified in the introduction. A reminder of what the essay has argued. A recap of the main themes that have been discussed. Proffer some recommendations


Formatting, Structure and Referencing (List of referencing is not included in the word count) -20 marks

High quality presentation of the material that conforms to principles of academic writing and contains minimal errors in sentence construction, grammar and punctuation. A logical structure must follow. The assignment must follow appropriate academic conventions regarding in-text citations and referencing.


Under this heading you should include all the supporting information you have used that is not published. This might include tables, graphs, questionnaires, surveys or transcripts. Refer to the appendices in the body of your report.

General Guidance: Word count limit: 3000-3300 words (excluding Abstract, Table of contents, References and Appendices). Your assignment should be MS Word processed (handwritten assignments are not accepted), using Times New Roman size 12 font and must be double spaced.

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