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Review the films listed below


Review the films listed below. Select ONE (1) film to watch for the coming week. All of the listed films can be rented on either Netflix, Amazon or YouTube. Watch the film, then write a 400-500 word informal discussion of your impression of the film and the film’s major religion themes. In doing so, be sure to reference both specifics from the film AND note any treatment of the major themes you discuss in the assigned readings.

This exercise is designed to allow you to have some fun while exploring the themes of religion. So, pop some popcorn, and with pen and pad at hand (you may want to take notes), sit back and enjoy the movie. If you have any questions concerning this assignment, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Religion is an integral part everyday life. With the advent of digital revolution, religion has taken a completely different shape and form. Observing how religion is portrayed on film is an important component. You can stream some of these communication movies on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.


Film: "330 Million Gods" 

Film: “ Passion of the Christ” 

Film: "Footprint of the Buddha"    

Film: "The Chosen People"   

Film: "There is no God but God”

Film:  “Malcolm X


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