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Homework answers / question archive / Self-Assessment: Coaching Competencies  Begin this assignment by completing “Self-Assessment 5

Self-Assessment: Coaching Competencies  Begin this assignment by completing “Self-Assessment 5


Self-Assessment: Coaching Competencies 

Begin this assignment by completing “Self-Assessment 5.1: Your Foundation for Learning to Coach” on pages 99-100 (ATTACHED). For each bullet point, rate yourself a “5” if you see your performance as very strong and, using a graduated scale, as a “1” if you see yourself needing significant developmental work in this area. 

Calculate your cumulative scores for each of the following six coaching competencies:

1) Demonstrates self-awareness 2. Promotes learning among team members 3. Is an effective communicator 4. Is accessible 5. Demonstrates effective listening 6. Creates a trusting environment

Use your scores from the self-assessment to write your reflection paper. Your reflection paper should be a mininum of 550 words in length. Use the Unit I video (  and readings to support your response. When discussing insights from the video or readings, be sure to cite those sources using APA format. This reflection paper will later be inserted into your Leadership Coaching Plan. This reflection paper includes two parts:

Coaching Strengths:

Based on this self-assessment of these six coaching competencies, identify those that you rated as your greatest strengths. Apply the "use of self" to your role as a coach. Discuss how you can leverage these strengths as you apply the “use of self” as a leadership coach. How would these strengths help the people you coach to achieve the purpose and goals of the coaching process?

Areas for Development:

In your self-reflection, also include your goals for growth and development as a coach. Specifically, identify the coaching competencies that you did not rate as strengths in the self-assessment. Discuss how you would like to develop in those areas.

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