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Homework answers / question archive / University of Mississippi PSY MISC Chapter 9 Question1)Donato and Quincy are identical twins who were separated at birth

University of Mississippi PSY MISC Chapter 9 Question1)Donato and Quincy are identical twins who were separated at birth


University of Mississippi


Chapter 9

Question1)Donato and Quincy are identical twins who were separated at birth. Donato tends to be fearful of many things. According to the research on genetics and negative emotions, you would expect Quincy to have

               levels of fear.  

Question 2


While studying Ekman’s work on expressions of emotions, Tanino learns that the strongest cross-cultural agreement in the identification of emotions involves             , and the weakest involves              .


Question 3


Cynthia’s psychology professor asks the class not to think about purple unicorns. Though Cynthia has never once before thought about a purple unicorn, she finds that she cannot stop thinking about them. Cynthia is experiencing                               as a result of her attempts at               .



Question 4


Makenna is starting her first job as a teacher. She is considering how to use goals to effectively encourage persistence and concentration, and to increase student motivation. Makenna should



Question 5


Eva and Garnet survived a traumatic bus accident. During the accident, Eva’s amygdala was severely damaged while Garnet experienced no injuries. When compared with Garnet, you would expect Eva to be         to develop a conditioned fear to buses.


Question 6


Maya finds her customer service job to be frustrating and stressful. She tells her friend Jeff about her negative experience at work, and he tells her to force herself to smile while she is at work, an idea he learned in his psychology class. When Maya tries smiling at work, she finds her job less frustrating and even begins to enjoy it some days. The idea that Jeff shared with Maya is most likely the


Question 7



Gertrude is close to finishing her degree in biology and was offered several good jobs in her field. However, Gertrude decides that her real dream is to become a carpenter. She quits school and becomes a very happy and successful carpenter. According to Maslow, Gertrude






Question 8


Your siblings are arguing about who will be more successful in school. Your brother says that he will, because he has more natural talent and intelligence. Your sister thinks that she will, because she has more grit. You decide to settle the argument by telling them the latest research finding on whether natural talent or grit is more important in predicting success. What should you tell them?


Question 9

Remmy is watching a tragic love story at the movie theater. She notices feelings of sadness come over her as tears fill her eyes. The idea that processing in the brain is the cause of emotions and bodily responses at the same time is consistent with the





Question 10


Lisa does not like going to her sister Megan’s piano recitals, but she finds that if she forces herself to smile during the recital, she will                        , as predicted by the               .



Question 11


In a study, male participants are given a drug that makes them feel extremely happy. Participants in Group A are told that the drug will make them happy. Participants in Group B are not told about the effects of the drug. Later on, an attractive woman enters the room. According to the two-factor theory, Group A is less likely to feel attracted to the woman because these participants



Question 12


Noor and Ahmad, four-year-old twins, are shopping with their mother. She offers to buy them each a small cookie now or a large toy later if they are good during the shopping trip. Noor takes the cookie, but Ahmad waits for the toy. Based on this, who will be more successful in high school?



 Question 13


Mr. Griffin has a class full of students with high achievement motivation. To help these students do well on his calculus exam, Mr. Griffin should write questions that are



 Question 14




Today is Bridget’s first day of college. She is excited to conquer this new challenge. Bridget, along with other students who are high in achievement motivation, is more likely to choose a seat

Question 15

While explaining affect-as-information theory to her roommate, Bianca should most likely say that we use


Question 16

When re-creating Mischel’s famous marshmallow delay-of-gratification study, Art finds that children who successfully wait to eat the marshmallow are LEAST likely to



Question 17

Thatcher thinks that anxiety can impair test performance, so he does relaxation exercises before his exam. He is extremely relaxed during the exam and does poorly. Thatcher did not take into account the complete relationship between physiological activation and performance, as described by



Question 18

Dominic is watching a horror movie at the movie theater. His heart is racing, he feels scared, and he considers leaving to calm down. Instead, he begins to think about how the blood in the movie is not real and the people are only actors. Dominic is using which strategy to regulate his emotions?






Question 19


Long-term regulation of body fat primarily involves the hormone called  



Question 20

Timo does not have many memories of his early childhood. However, one thing he remembers clearly is when he broke his favorite toy. He remembers crying for days when his parents would not replace it. This childhood memory may be especially clear for Timo because



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