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Computer Science


Fill out each section in relation to your main learning in this unit. You will not receive marks for consideration of team issues. This can be about your learning style, learning to test user experience, or how you designed and improved your design.

Concrete experience:

You consciously and physically experienced an aspect of learning in HIT381, which made you realise that you need to reflect systematically in order to learn something new or improve on your existing skill and practice. Note the context, the specific situation and just describe what you saw, how you felt and what you thought.

Reflective observation:

Now reflect on what happened and write this up. The questions you need to ask yourself are: what worked? what failed? why did the situation arise? why did others and I behave the way we did?

Abstract conceptualisation:

Now write about what could I have done better or differently? how can I improve? Initially, you try to find different ways for dealing with the situations and think up strategies for when you experience a similar situation again. Also, this is the stage where you should consult colleagues and literature in order to get a better understanding and further ideas. Yuo can refer to the readings covered in the unit

Active experimentation:

Now how will you practice the newly acquired theoretical knowledge. How will you implement your own reflections and thoughts about improvements as well as the theories back into your practice and try out the new strategies.

Note for future: Some of this will work, others won’t, so this is then automatically the basis for the new cycle. As the experiences within the active experimentation stage become the new “concrete experiences” for your future work.

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