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Homework answers / question archive / Case 1: Marie Cole wants to be a manager

Case 1: Marie Cole wants to be a manager


Case 1:

Marie Cole wants to be a manager. She enjoyed every course taught at school, and managed to score high grades. Each

of these provided her with some clear-cut answers. Now the professor in her organizational behavior course is telling

her that there are really very few clear-cut answers when it comes to managing people. The professor has discussed

some of the emerging challenges and the historical background and ways that behavioral science concepts play a big

role in the course. Marie is very perplexed about it. She came to school to get answers on how to be an effective

manager, but this course surely doesn't seem to be heading in that direction.


5. How would you explain Marie's nervousness about managing people?

6. How organizational behavior course is going to make her a better manager?

7. How does a course in organizational behavior differ from courses in fields such as accounting, graphics

designing or quality assurance?

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