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Homework answers / question archive / Western Governors University C 724 Quiz 2 1)A digital dashboard displays charts and graphs with up-to-the-minute performance indicators on sales, profit, expenses and inventory

Western Governors University C 724 Quiz 2 1)A digital dashboard displays charts and graphs with up-to-the-minute performance indicators on sales, profit, expenses and inventory


Western Governors University

C 724

Quiz 2

1)A digital dashboard displays charts and graphs with up-to-the-minute performance indicators on sales, profit, expenses and inventory. This is an example of:

    1. Executive Information System
    2. Management Information System
    3. Decision Support System
    4. Transaction Processing System


  1. Which of the following is NOT an organizational feature that managers should consider when building and using information systems?
    1. Structure
    2. Environment
    3. Incentives
    4. Politics



  1. Which one of Michael Porter’s five forces does this describe: Switching from one product or service to another similar product or service with little cost?
  1. Bargaining power of suppliers
  2. Threat of new entrants
  3. Threat of substitutes
  4. Bargaining power of customers




  1. Which of these are not part of an Information System?
    1. Hardware & software
    2. Telecommunications
    3. Data
    4. People



  1. A restaurant develops a new ordering system that allows for online ordering both from desktop and mobile sites. No other restaurants in their local area is offering online ordering. This restaurant is using a business strategy of:
    1. Product differentiation
    2. Synergy
    3. Core Competency
    4. Network Strategy



  1. A business owner opens a new store and begins collecting customer information at the register. This information includes email addresses and other information that the customers are willing to share. These papers are stored in a folder in the store location. Which of the following systems will help the business owner manage this type of information?
    1. Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)
    2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    3. Management Information System (MIS)
    4. Knowledge Management System (KMS)


  1. Fred works for a software company and is in charge of working with the clients about their business needs pertaining to their software. He helps clients identify and describe their business needs in such a way that the software development team can take that information and turn it into a useful piece of the software system. Fred’s role is in:
    1. Information Systems Management
    2. Information Technology Management
    3. Information Services Management
    4. Information Management


  1. What is the first step in the decision process when evaluating technology purchases for business?
    1. Determining how the technology will be used, including requirements
    2. Selecting the best option and gaining approval to purchase the technology
    3. Analyzing the available options and their respective costs and benefits
    4. Interviewing the users to determine what type of technology they prefer



  1. As an IT manager, you are evaluating which operating systems are best for your organization. One of your developers makes an argument for open-source operating systems and applications. In your reply, you note that open-source software is accessible by many developers, and therefore the software contains what?
    1. Support for many peripheral devices
    2. More defects than proprietary software
    3. Documentation


    1. License charges



  1. Sam wants to design a database for his auto parts store. Which one of these breaks one of the rules for a relational data base model?
  1. The primary key of the customer table is the customer name
  2. In the supplier table, the supplier address comes before the supplier name
  3. The parts table has a foreign key to the supplier table
  4. The quantity field in the inventory table can be zero


  1. Michael is explaining the concept of big data. Which of the following is the best description he should use?
  1. Big data is data warehouse
  2. Big data contains large data fields like video and audio
  3. Big data is all the data an enterprise collects
  4. Big data is distributed amongst many databases


  1. Facebook is a data warehouse, and millions of people use it on a daily basis. Which best defines a data warehouse?
  1. A data warehouse is where big data is stored
  2. A data warehouse is used by operational management for tactical decision making
  3. A data warehouse is used to analyze customer data
  4. A data warehouse is a collection of business data from multiple systems



  1. John is a data base administrator. Which of the following does he not need to be familiar with to perform his job?
  1. Data analysis
  2. Data management
  3. Data retrieval
  4. Data definitions and dictionary


  1. Mary runs a used clothing store. She uses                                                     to analyze sales data to determine how her customers make purchasing decisions. (assume she has a data base)
  1. Analytical platforms
  2. Online analytical processing
  3. SQL
  4. Data base schema



  1. Which of the following is the standard for telecommunications

protocol for internet communications?

  1. IEEE 802.11
  2. TCP/IP
  3. Ethernet
  4. QoS (Quality of Service)



  1. Data transmission is broken up into packets for transmission on the internet for more efficient use. Which of the following is the most accurate list of what a packet contains?


  1. To, From, Data, Packet number, Router info
  2. To, From, Data, Packet number, Priority
  3. To, From, Data, Packet number, error detection
  4. To, From, Data, Packet number, Priority, Length


  1. An Amazon customer visits the site as a client, puts in a request to the Amazon server system, and the system processes and fulfills the client’s request. This is known as what type of system.
  1. Cloud computing
  2. Distributed computing
  3. Peer-to-peer computing
  4. Client-Server Computing


  1. The impact of the Internet on the scope of information systems is large. Which of the following statements about the impact of the Internet is False?
  1. The internet is a channel through which businesses do business
  2. The internet multiples the effect of business capabilities
  3. The internet enables a large network of client-server computers
  4. The internet enables business intelligence



  1. Which of the following is not true of the waterfall method the SDLC?
  1. The waterfall method is a sequential development process
  2. The water method is easy to manage due to the rigidity of the model
  3. The waterfall method is good for long, complex projects
  4. The waterfall method consists of discrete stages



  1. There are multiple ways a new system can be implemented. Which of the following is not a popular method with the users of implementation of a new system?
  1. Parallel
  2. Prototype
  3. Plunge/direct
  4. Phased



  1. A new network printer will cost $10,000 to purchase and will save an estimated $3,000 per year for five years over the current personal printers being used. A new wireless access point management system will cost $15,000 to purchase and is estimated to save $5,000 in labor costs per year for four years. Which proposed project has the better return on investment?
  1. The network printer
  2. The wireless access point management system
  3. They both save the same amount of money
  4. It is impossible to compare equipment costs to labor costs


  1. John, in his infinite wisdom to save money, did not purchase virus software for his new computer. After reading his email and downloading pictures from his friends, he now has a computer virus that causes him mega-problems. How did he get the virus?
  1. Script kiddie
  2. Worm
  3. Trogan Horse
  4. spyware


  1. John, again, does not know how to protect his information. Now someone has stolen his access code to his work building. What do we call this type of privacy theft?
  1. Dumpster diving
  2. Pharming


  1. Phishing
  2. Social engineering


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