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Homework answers / question archive / Central Michigan University PSY 340 Study Guide 1)John is 65 years old

Central Michigan University PSY 340 Study Guide 1)John is 65 years old


Central Michigan University

PSY 340

Study Guide

1)John is 65 years old. Relative to his personality as a 20-year-old, John has likely               in openness to experience.

a.            increased

b.            stayed pretty much the same c. decreased

d. increased and then decreased


2.            What is a well-known issue with cross-sectional methodology?

a.            the length of time it takes to collect data from each and every age group

b.            the possibility that differences in childhood social environment is determining differences between age groups

c.             the difficulty in obtaining data from each and every age group

d.            the possibility that one group is over-represented in the study


3.            Ashley has just graduated from law school and in the next few weeks will begin working as a junior partner at a national law firm. Ashley is beginning to see herself as an     .

a.            agent

b.            artist

c.             author

d.            Actor


4.            What brain region is responsible for both an individual’s strong time management skill and ability to consistently do the morally right thing?

a.            basal ganglia

b.            amygdala

c.             frontal lobes

d.            Hippocampus


5.            What term refers to images of very thin slices of the brain?

a.            X-rays

b.            tomographs

c.             magnetic images

d.            Sonographs


6.            In 1966, Charles Whitman killed his wife, his mother, and 14 more people at the University of Texas before he was killed by police. An autopsy revealed that a tumor affecting Whitman’s

                was likely the cause for the         behind his killing spree.

a.            frontal lobe; emotional experience b. amygdala; motivation


c. ventromedial cortex; motivation

d. cerebellum; emotional experience


7.            One reason why the results of psychosurgeries are often erratic is that .

a.            different brain structures have different functional roles in different people b. brain systems might be more important for functioning than discrete areas

c. tools designed to lesion the brain are not very sophisticated

d. the infections that often accompany these surgeries further damage the brain


8.            When personality psychologists measure trait differences in extraversion, what kinds of direct observations are they making?

a.            phenotypic

b.            genotypic

c.             allelic

d.            Genome-wide


9.            Henry and Adam are identical twins. According to a study conducted by Bokenau and colleagues, similar levels of which trait are NOT likely to be influenced by their shared environment?

a.            extraversion

b.            neuroticism

c.             openness

d.            Agreeableness


10.          Linda is highly neurotic. Which of the following genes is Linda most likely to have?

a.            DRD4

b.            SSRI c. 5-HTT



11.          So far, evolutionary psychology has been much more concerned with the origins of

                than with             .

a.            unconscious processes; conscious processes

b.            extraversion and agreeableness; neuroticism, openness, and conscientiousness

c.             neuroticism, openness, and conscientiousness; extraversion and agreeableness d. general human nature; individual differences


12.          The point of view that scientists will eventually be able to explain everything about the mind via biology is called    .

a. biological reductionism

c. psychophysical structuralism

b. the naturalistic fallacy

d. evolutionary theorizing


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