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Homework answers / question archive / The Americas received 22% while Africa received 5% percent

The Americas received 22% while Africa received 5% percent


The Americas received 22% while Africa received 5% percent. The UNWTO predicts that, by 2015, the advancing economies will, for the first time, receive more international tourist arrivals than the advanced economies. Therefore, the networks and partnerships are necessary in order to transfer expertise and resources to the regions where international tourism is growing in the midst of global economic uncertainties.

UNWTO is promoting tourism as a driver of economic growth, inclusive development and sustainability (UNWTO, 2012: 5). The organization is also offering leadership as well as support to the tourism sector in advancing tourism policies and knowledge throughout the world.

The UNWTO has developed and is overseeing the implementation of the universal Code of Ethics for Tourism, in order to reduce the detrimental effects of tourism and maximize its socio-economic contribution. As an agency of the United Nations, UNWTO is promoting tourism as a way of achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), by reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development. The UNWTO is continuously generating market knowledge, as well as promoting sustainable and competitive policies for the tourism sector. The UNWTO is also providing technical assistance through its projects in over 100 countries in the world.

Tourism is a chief worldwide industry, accountable for a significant fraction of world production, trade, job provision, plus investments (UNWTO 2012, p. 29). In many developing nations, it is the most important means of foreign exchange plus foreign direct investment (UNEP, 2011). Furthermore, tourism is a labor-intensive industry since it is service-oriented. The ILO (2008) estimated that the wider tourism economy, both directly and indirectly, will provide more than 230 million jobs. This represents about 8 percent of the global workforce. Therefore, the UNWTO is working to bring international tourism development to mainstream global agenda.

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