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Homework answers / question archive / Need an research paper on globalization of tourism

Need an research paper on globalization of tourism


Need an research paper on globalization of tourism. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism. For the purpose of the current study, globalization is perceived as the deepening, expanding and accelerating international interconnectedness through the exchange of information, ideas, technologies, goods and services in all aspects of contemporary social life, which covers such diverse contexts as cultural to the criminal and from the financial to the spiritual undertakings of particular societies (Saxena and Omoniyi, 2010).

Tourism has emerged as one of the sectors that exemplify the impact of globalization on societies as people take advantage of existing transport and communication infrastructure. Given the ability of the sector to facilitate the movement of people, goods and services across the world, globalization is perceived as the most explicit expression of globalization. Although developed countries have attracted a significant proportion of global tourists, developing countries such as Egypt have also recorded positive results with the number of visitors rising rapidly over the years. This essay is based on the analysis of the globalization of tourism industry and the influences it has had on industry planning and development strategies undertaken by the government in collaboration private sector followed by a discussion of the impact of tourism development Egypt.

International tourism has been boosted by the increased geographical widening of linkages that exists between different places on earth's surface with the effect being internationalization of tourism through improved global flows of tourists and increased competition among existing world destinations. Intensified campaigns marketing various world destinations as offering premium experiences for tourists has led to transformations of the minimal flow of tourists to remote areas of the world into large-scale tourist flows (Mpofu, 2009). Consequently, globalization has affected tourism in diverse areas based on its ability to open new opportunities for development.

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