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Homework answers / question archive / Post: Candidates will read Chapter 5 in Stader and their assigned Case Scenario

Post: Candidates will read Chapter 5 in Stader and their assigned Case Scenario


Post: Candidates will read Chapter 5 in Stader and their assigned Case Scenario. Candidates will provide a comprehensive post that incorporates a response to the question(s) outlined in the scenario. The post should (a) analyze the regulatory mandates and case law to respond to the potential legal problem(s), (b) incorporate scholarly arguments supported by academic resources to support your actions, (c) include the ways that that case scenario illustrates the controversy over due process and student discipline and the legal significance for a school, and (d) identify ethical dilemmas and guidelines.


Post # 4:  Case Scenarios

Scenario 1: Crystal High School star volleyball players Carla Smith and Joey Mathews had been friends since 5th grade and often slept over at one another’s home on weekends. On some occasions other girls from the school joined Carla and Joey. It was at one of these slumber parties that Carla and Joey decided to entertain their friends by posing in sexually provocative positions while one of the other girls took their pictures. None of the pictures contained nudity. In one of the pictures Carla and Joey posed in bikini briefs with several one dollar bills in the waistband ‘stripper style.’ Joey and Carla immediately posted the pictures on their Facebook pages where the pictures could be viewed only by ‘Friends.’ One of the friends made the pictures available to Carla and Joey’s volleyball teammates. The volleyball coach reported the existence of the photos to the principal and indicated that the pictures had caused some dissention and pejorative comments among the members of the volleyball team.

After discussing the situation with the superintendent the principal decided to suspend Carla and Joey from school for five days for their pornographic posing and from the volleyball team for the remainder of the season under the State Athletic Association citizenship rules. Carla and Joey’s parents brought suit against the district. Argue for or against the suspension of Carla and Joey.

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