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There. I am looking a scholar who experienced with Capsim( Capstone) homeworks for Stratetic Management class.

Individual Assignment - Capstone Business Simulation

As part of this course, you will complete the individual (footrace) Capstone Business Simulation (Capsim). You will learn to integrate and synthesize knowledge across business disciplines as you apply concepts, techniques, and theories to turn around a poor-performing $100 million venture in a simulated business environment using Capstone Business Simulation (Capsim). Capstone simulates all aspects of management: strategy & tactics, policy, production, accounting, marketing, finance, quality control, human resources, leadership and teamwork. It used in more than 500 schools globally and by executives of a number of Fortune 500 companies. You will make decisions relating to products, positioning, R&D, inventory/cash/capacity management, equity/bond/short-term financing, production, sales/promotion, TQM, HR, etc. You will use financial analysis to compare relevant performance on important metrics and compete for market share, profit, stock price, ROA, ROE, ROS, etc. Capsimchallenges you to make strategic decisions under uncertainty and competition for competitive advantage.

You will develop the ability to define and analyze multifaceted business problems in simulated environment and create unique solutions that could generate superior overall performance for your firm. Your application of solutions and competitive response will further expose you to the uncertainty of market environment. You will learn to effectively communicate

1)with stakeholders and market as you report rationale for your managerial decisions and business performance, and

2)with market and media as you present your overall performance in an “annual report” presentation format at the end of 8 rounds (years)

You will be graded based on

3)your simulated company’s performance over other firms in the same industry and

4)participation in completing tutorials, quizzes, and homework on the Capsim platform.

Performance (item 1), will be based on a broad set of stakeholder metrics (financial: stock price, profits, leverage; internal business processes: contribution margin, plant utilization, days of working capital, stock-out costs, inventory carrying costs; customer: customer buying criteria, customer awareness, customer accessibility, product count, SG&A expense; learning and growth: employee turnover rate).

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