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Payne Products had $1


Payne Products had $1.6 million in sales revenues in the most recent year and expects sales growth to be 25% this year. Payne would like to determine the effect of various current assets policies on its financial performance. Payne has $1 million of fixed assets and intends to keep its debt ratio at its historical level of 40%. Payne's debt interest rate is currently 8%. You are to evaluate three different current asset policies: (1) a restricted policy in which current assets are 45% of projected sales, (2) a moderate policy with 50% of sales tied up in current assets, and (3) a relaxed policy requiring current assets of 60% of sales. Earnings before interest and taxes are expected to be 12% of sales. Payne's tax rate is 25%.

a. What is the expected return on equity under each current asset level?

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