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Answers in explanation


Answers in explanation.

For alcohol poisoning, it an acute condition obtained by drinking high concentrations of alcohol in a short period of time. If this happened in a party and everyone is drinking, it will be very hard to notice this.

The symptoms for alcohol poisoning are the following: possibly a seizure (a person shakes violently for no good reason), vomiting (although sometimes considered normal in a drinking event), loss of consciousness (not reacting and waking up to any stimuli like a slap to the face), and very slow respiration like 8 breaths and below in a minute (1 respiration count is 1 inhale and 1 exhale) because the alcohol suppressed the medulla oblangata from performing its functions in stimulating the lungs and the intercostal muscles properly.

(note: if you are very drunk like the one who has been poisoned, it may be unlikely you could count correctly or notice the difference between really drunk and really poisoned so it will be very wise to have someone who is sober to count the respiration and the common sense to call the emergency hotline in their country).

For short term effects of alcohol on the body, it would be nausea (feeling dizzy), removal of various character inhibitions (rule breaking) and vomiting. For long term effects of alcohol, we have psychological dependence where the body will not function normally if alcohol is not ingested, psychosis can also develop where the alcoholic develops violent fits of rage and paranoia, hand tremors also become common because of vitamin b deficiency and liver damage which may lead to liver cancer.

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