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Homework answers / question archive / Week 3 Assignment - Change Management Plan Assignment Content 1

Week 3 Assignment - Change Management Plan Assignment Content 1


Week 3 Assignment - Change Management Plan Assignment Content 1. There are many promulgated reasons a project fails, one being a poorly define scope and another is cost and schedule overages due to project scope creeps both of which are common/inherent risks of all projects. A common mitigation strategy for Project Scope Creep is a detailed change management plan. Therefore, the Project Sponsors has charge YOU the project manager with CREATING YOUR OWN UNIQUE DETAILED Change Management Plan flow chart explicitly for the selected project. The Project Sponsor requires; 1. A detailed Flow Chart of the Change Management Plan with at least three (3) decision points 2. YOU to create the new unique form that has to be used for ANY changes to the project. Submit: 3. COVER SHEET, that identifies the project, i.e. on the cover page, “This is the change management plan for ………..” 4. An detailed outline of your change management plan, i.e. your plan from a request for a change to denial or acceptance, making sure to include who has to make the final acceptance and/or denial 5. YOUR flow chart that reflects the detailed process of YOUR NEWLY-created Change Management Plan. NOTE you will have many decision points and this is not a simple flow chart. (A sample flow chart with decision points is attached in resources CAUTION: YOU ARE CREATING everything so there is NO CITATION and DO NOT submit theories and concept (i.e. citations) IT IS an ACTUAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT PLAN for your selected project. This is a project selected…. 1. Construction of a new 5-story Marriott hotel on the Mission Bay San Diego California. Phase I, the demolition of the existing mobile home park site has been completed with financing and all permits having been secured. YOU are starting Phase two, which is scheduled to start the first Monday of August with the budget set at $500 million dollars and a duration of 5 years to the grand opening. WARNING: DO NOT just copy and paste and/or submit a plan and/or forms you find, i.e. off the shelf, BECAUSE you WILL RECEIVE a ZERO for the assignment as the assignment REQUIRES this to be YOUR OWN CREATION/WORK DO NOT submit an outline with one-sentence bullet points this is a plan anyone can read, understand and know what they must do if there is any type of change requested to the project If you use a project other than one of the two given you have not completed the assignment and thus will earn a zero (0) for this assignment

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