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Homework answers / question archive / Essex County College BUS 204 Chapter 3 1)The cognitive component of an attitude is best described by  

Essex County College BUS 204 Chapter 3 1)The cognitive component of an attitude is best described by  


Essex County College

BUS 204

Chapter 3

1)The cognitive component of an attitude is best described by   .

  1. The emotional or feeling segment of an attitude, which is viewed to be the more critical part of an attitude, is called                                              .
  2. Maria has been at her job for three years but is very dissatisfied
  3. Eric has been at his job for more than five years but has been passed over for promotion three times.
  4. The effects of dissonance can be reduced by                                                     .
  5. Which of the following best describes cognitive dissonance?
  6. The Director of HR at Multimedia Corporation is concerned about some stereotyping
  7. The attitudes relationship can be modified by all of the following EXCEPT


  1. Which of the following is the best description of job involvement?
  2. The degree to which a person has a positive feeling about a job after evaluating the job's characteristics is known as                                                                        .


  1. Identifying with the goals of an organization and a desire to stay with that organization is known as       .


  1. An employee's belief in the degree to which they influence their work environment, their competencies, the meaningfulness of their job, and their perceived autonomy is known as    .
  2. The summation of job facets measurement of job satisfaction identifies key elements of the job including all of the following EXCEPT                                                                          .
  3. Job satisfaction ratings were consistently high over a thirty-year period, and then job satisfaction ratings declined dramatically in 2007. What might be the reason for this decline?
  4. Much research has been conducted on measuring and recording employee satisfaction, and there are numerous intricate techniques for gathering information. Which of the following is the most helpful to management to record this type of information?
  5. Henry realized that he no longer looked forward to going into work after a mandatory reorganization shifted
  6. In several different studies, researchers have shown a relationship between corporate social responsibility and increased job satisfaction. This relationship is particularly true for      .
  7. Which of the following best describes the difference in job satisfaction between low- income individuals and people who make a comfortable living?
  8. Ginger works for an organization that requires employees to engage in a variety of socially responsible projects
  9. Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) is defined as                                                         .
  10. Employee satisfaction is related to                                                .
  11. Zappos works to improve customer service employee satisfaction by


  1. A negative response that passively allows conditions to worsen (chronic absenteeism
  2. An HR Director wants to institute a new plan that will increase employee job satisfaction. This will not only improve profitability overall, but it will do so by improving                .
  3. Managers need to be aware of exit and neglect behaviors in response to dissatisfaction because they impose a negative influence on the organization



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