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Homework answers / question archive / West Los Angeles College SOCIOLOGY 001 Quiz 2: Ch

West Los Angeles College SOCIOLOGY 001 Quiz 2: Ch


West Los Angeles College


Quiz 2:

Ch. 1

1)Sociology is defined as the study of_________


  1. Sociology is a(n)      discipline, meaning conclusions are based on systematic observations.


  1. Auguste Comte is known for:


  1. 's work is the basis for conflict theory.


  1. Jane Addams was the only practicing sociologist to have won a          .


  1. W.E.B. DuBois was most interested in which of the following?


  1. Durkheim, Marx, and Weber have which of the following in common?


  1. According to Karl Marx, capitalism


  1. According to Marx, class conflict is:


  1. Marx used the term   for those people in society who are discarded by the capitalist system and                for those in the working class.


  1. Social Darwinists believed that


  1. In what way does symbolic interaction theory differ from conflict theory and functionalism?


  1. Applying the sociological        means that one has the ability to see the societal patterns that influence individual and group life.



  1. According to Mills, the specific task of sociology is to


  1. Sociology first emerged as a discipline in        .



























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