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here is an example of a poster in the example


here is an example of a poster in the example.There are examples of posters in the examples, please check! 

(Reflections and portfolios need to be written based on the group work I completed in assignment2)
1. The article needs to be divided into two parts, one is a 1150-word communication element (the communication element requires you to make a communicty poster, and use 600-word to detailed introduction and explanation of the poster), and a 500-word reflection (the requirements include how to write this reflection)
2. 550 words to make a community poster, 600 words to write a text introduction for the poster.
3. Please make the community poster carefully! (The production of community posters must be closely linked to the group work of assignment2)
4. Please write in strict accordance with the requirements for reflection, and please carefully check the group assignment of assignment2 I uploaded. (In the group work, The part that I am responsible for in the A2 group work and my introduction to A3 are marked in red in the Word document. But the whole article needs to be read carefully)
5. Please carefully and seriously review the requirements and examples in the PDF document!!
6. Writing needs to use a lot of in-class articles as required. If you can't find it, please contact me.

please carefully check my requesment and all the files I have uploaded. and I have sent the message and the attached. If you have any questions to confirm, please feel free to contact me!
The assignment include making a poster, 600 words to introduce this poster, and a 500 word reflection (what the reflection needs to write is detailed in the file I uploaded). There are examples in the file I uploaded. There are examples of posters in it. Please read carefully what needs to be written in the reflection section. If you are still not sure, please contact me in time.
thank you!

you can choose one of the other communication elements ( news stories, press releases, advertisements, videos, podcasts, patient information leaflet, community poster, cartoon
story, sketch or skit).


This article is divided into two parts, the first part is the 1000-word communication element. You can choose an communication element that you are good at (the requirements shows what element you can choose from). Please let me know which communication element you want to choose before writing, and I will reply at any time. The second part is 500words reflection. What needs to be written about reflection is clearly described in the requirements. Please read it carefully. Finally, please read the file I uploaded carefully. If you don't understand, please contact me on chat i will explain.

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