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Homework answers / question archive / The threats from electronic espionage are numerous and varied

The threats from electronic espionage are numerous and varied


The threats from electronic espionage are numerous and varied. When adding the social engineering component, the security challenges for organizations are immense. In today's global economy, businesses are made or broken on their ability to connect with customers and clients. However, it is these avenues of connection that create the most exposure to the threats of misappropriation and ultimately loss.

Company communications can be easily compromised if not made a priority of address within an organization. Email, text, and increasing more applications such as Whatsapp are used to communicate sensitive information. A mistake from an end user could be costly. Gone are the days where the biggest worry was through social engineering, where you are looking for an electronic ear placed in the meeting room. Now, it’s possible to just get into someone’s phone and lift crucial information without their knowledge.

Companies, and even criminals can get their hands on the same industrial spyware that the governments have.

For security managers, they must assume that it is taking place, or at the least attempts to are. This applies to large and small companies alike. You would assume that an organization like Equifax, who deals with millions of people’s financial information would be fortified against such intrusions. But the truth is that no one is immune. We saw in the lesson that $143 million people had information such as social security numbers accessed via the Equifax hack. 209,000 credit card numbers were accessed (Matthews, 2017).

If you are a security professional, its easy to feel like you’re playing catch up, because the truth is, we are. It is difficult to keep up with the technology. Microphones and cameras are now an integral part of lives, but this also means that items with extremely high spy value will be available commercially. Inside jobs can be pulled off without even arousing suspicion. Therefore, it is important to always operate with the assumption that someone or something is actively attempting to surveil.


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