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Homework answers / question archive / Topic: Role of information technologies in Cloud Kitchen business

Topic: Role of information technologies in Cloud Kitchen business


Topic: Role of information technologies in Cloud Kitchen business. Assume you have a start up company recently started and you're the CEO of the company called Cloud Kitchen, you have to research and

Breakdown of Parts: (use the Template to type your paper, this is not the template)


Introduction to the topic

Grab the reader in… This section describes what the researcher will investigate and introduces the significance of the research by describing how the study is new or different from other studies. This section should briefly identify any issues related to the topic that you are specifically focusing on and or innovation in the field. (See help)

Background of the topic

The background section describes the history of the problem or topic. It provides a summary on the topic. Next, build an argument or justification for the current study by presenting a series of logical arguments, each supported with citations from the literature.

Relevance to business and technology

It establishes the importance of the topic. It creates reader interest. It focuses the reader’s attention on how the study will add value to the field. Include at least two references from your literature review in this area. Discuss who is affected and who benefits.

Statement of the problem or thesis

This should include a clear statement that the problem exists, evidence that supports the existence of the problem, evidence of an existing trend that has led to the problem. Create a sentence that begins with “The purpose of this study is . . .” Clearly identify the area of conflict, concern, or controversy and expected conclusions. Include the most relevant reference that supports the claim from the literature. (See help)


Literature on the topic

This chapter presents the framework for the study. To perform significant research, the learner must first understand the literature related to the research focus. A well-articulated, thorough literature review provides the foundation for a substantial research. A literature review is a synthesis of what has been published on a topic by researchers. Include a total of 5 different pieces of literature in this paper.


Conclusion / Summary / Recommendations

This section should describe what happened because of this research. It also tells the reader what the research implies theoretically, practically for the future. The section provides new insights derived from the research to solve real and significant ethical problems.

This section reminds the reader of the importance of the topic and briefly explains how the study intended to contribute to the body of knowledge on the topic. It informs the reader that conclusions, data, implications, and recommendations will be presented.

Reference List



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