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Homework answers / question archive / University of the Cumberlands MSIT ISOL631 Question 1)The following are example of technologies that depend on PKI

University of the Cumberlands MSIT ISOL631 Question 1)The following are example of technologies that depend on PKI


University of the Cumberlands


Question 1)The following are example of technologies that depend on PKI. Except


A combination lock on the main gate to a classified facility


Financial applications, such as those for logging in to your bank account online to manage your account details or to pay a bill


E-commerce applications, such as those used by


Webmail systems, which use protected communications to safeguard your credentials, including username and password, as well as your e-mail messages


Question 2

A                           is a particular flavor or type of symmetric algorithm that changes plaintext to ciphertext by operating on fixed-length blocks of plaintext.


Key cipher


Block cipher


Cipher text


None of the above



Question 3

If a certificate is no longer needed or trusted, it can be revoked before it expires. Describe which of the following?


None of the above Generation of certificates Validation of certificates Revocation of certificates


Question 4


PKI provides                                           over an insecure medium Storage

Penetration test and virus testing medium


safe and secure communication


None of the above



Question 5

Which of the following is NOT one of Kerckhoffs original six principles for proper and careful design of algorithms?


The system should be, if not theoretically unbreakable, unbreakable in practice.


The design of a system should not require secrecy, and compromise of the system should not inconvenience the correspondents.


The key should be memorable without notes and should be easily changeable.


They are all a part of Kerchoffs' original six principles




Question 6

The entity responsible for accepting information about a party wishing to obtain a certificate is


Digital certificate A and B

None of the above Registration authority






Question 7

Common algorithms in the symmetric category. Except: RC5 and RC6



Twofish and Serpent




Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC)


Question 8

In a public key cryptosystems, which of the following system is true? Both A and B

None of the above is true


An individual can design and us any key to reverse whatever is done with one key


whatever is done with one key can only be reversed with the corresponding key, and nothing else.



Question 9


Algorithms are set of                                            used to encode and decode messages in a cryptosystem.


rules, sequences, and processes


Processes, procedures, and people


Ciphertext, plaintext, and cryptology


All the above








Question 10

Key management refers to:


The process of safeguarding and distributing keys in a cryptographic system


Keeping traditional cryptography out of the way secret key systems

Non of the above


Question 11


One-Time Pad uses a key that is generated, used once, and then Stored for future





Use to create another key


None of the above









Question 12

Stream ciphers typically are ideal for situations where:


Cryptanalyst are new to the field


Encryption is not important


the amount of data is unknown


None of the above


Question 13

Which of the following components are (is) needed to make PKI system works:




Symmetric encryption


All the above


Asymmetric encryption




Question 14

PKI system allows for the validation of Availability of Credentials

A and B


None of the above


Credentials also known as digital certificate








Question 15

The following statement are true about Hashing, EXCEPT:


None of the above is true, Hashing is not a part of the cryptosystem


Hash functions create a fixed-length value that is generated by computing the hash from the plaintext that is put into the process


allows for the unique and powerful ability to verify information and to detect but not prevent changes.


is strictly a one-way function that is designed to do what the other forms of cryptography cannot, which is to verify the integrity of information


Question 16

Symmetric algorithms do poorly with:


Key management


Non- repudiation


A and B


Non of the above



Question 17

A mechanical encryption device that was widely used from the 1920s forward is known as:


Landmark items


Decipher machine


Cypher machine


Enigma machine



Question 18

Public-key cryptosystems are great examples of what is known as:


A shared private key


A zero knowledge proof


Virus producer Worms

Question 19

A trusted third-party is:


Anyone who writes trusted computer codes


Someone or a computer that you trust


Any computer system that runs


common program All the above






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