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Homework answers / question archive / Saudi Electronic University ECOM 101 E-commerce 2013, 9e Chapter 6 E-commerce Marketing Concepts: Social, Mobile, Local 1)In the United States today, single, white, young college-educated males with high income dominate the Internet in terms of percentage of Internet usage

Saudi Electronic University ECOM 101 E-commerce 2013, 9e Chapter 6 E-commerce Marketing Concepts: Social, Mobile, Local 1)In the United States today, single, white, young college-educated males with high income dominate the Internet in terms of percentage of Internet usage


Saudi Electronic University

ECOM 101

E-commerce 2013, 9e

Chapter 6 E-commerce Marketing Concepts: Social, Mobile, Local

1)In the United States today, single, white, young college-educated males with high income dominate the Internet in terms of percentage of Internet usage.




2)            Households with incomes of below $75,000 are obtaining Internet access at faster rates than households with incomes above that level.




3)            Price is the top factor in online purchase decisions.




4)            E-commerce is a major conduit and generator of offline commerce.




5)            Online shoppers tend to browse for available products rather than search for specific products they have determined in advance.




6)            Research shows that the two most important factors shaping the decision to purchase online are utility and trust.




7)            In 2012, mobile marketing grew at nearly the same rate as traditional online marketing.



8)            Evidence suggests that real-time customer chat increases sales.




9)            Transaction logs are built into Web server software.




10)          Cookies, when combined with Web beacons, can be used to create cross-site profiles.



11)          The four generic market entry strategies are first mover, fast follower, slow follower, and pure play.




12)          Online banking is more popular with men than with women.



13)          The marginal cost of the production of information goods distributed over the Internet is zero or near zero.




14)          Versioning involves selling the same product at different prices.



15)          Bundling is the process of selling two or more products together for a price that is less than the sum of the two product's individual prices.




16)          On a typical day, approximately percent of adult users in the United States logs on to the Internet.

A)           52

B)            62

C)            72 D) 82



17)          Which of the following activities is the one engaged in by the highest percentage of online users?

A)           using e-mail

B)            using a social networking site

C)            researching products and services

D)           reading news


18)          On average, which of the following activities was most frequently engaged in by Internet users in 2012?

A)           checking the weather

B)            banking online

C)            buying a product

D)           rating a product


19)          The dial-up audience is  the broadband audience.

A)           virtually indistinguishable from

B)            more educated than

C)            less intensely involved with the Internet than

D)           wealthier than



20)          Which of the following age groups has the highest percentage of Internet access? A) 18-29

B) 30-49

C) 50-64

D) 65+



21)          Which of the following demographic groups had the greatest increase in Internet access between 2002 and 2012?

A)           Black, non-Hispanic

B)            Asians

C)            White, non-Hispanic

D)           Hispanic



22)          Which of the following age groups had the lowest percentage of Internet access in 2012? A) 18-29

B) 30-49

C) 50-64

D) 65+



23)          In 2012, what was the approximate Internet penetration rate for individuals that have attained less than a high-school education?

A)           45 percent B) 60 percent

C)            75 percent

D)           90 percent


24)          Toyota's use of the Internet to target Hispanic customers is an example of targeting a specific:

A)           lifestyle group.

B)            culture. C) subculture.

D) psychological profile.



25)          A person's profession or occupation is part of their:

A)           indirect reference group. B) direct reference group.

C)            lifestyle group.

D)           subculture.



26)          Which of the following is an example of an indirect reference group? A) social class

B)            family

C)            religion

D)           profession



27)          A(n)       profile describes an individual's set of needs, drives, motivations, perceptions and learned behaviors.

A)           psychographic

B)            opinion

C)            psychological

D)           lifestyle



28)          All of the following are online communications that are used to support the evaluation of alternatives stage of the consumer decision process except:

A)           search engines.

B)            online catalogs.

C)            social   networks. D) targeted banner ads.



29)          "Shoppers" constitute approximately     percent of the online Internet audience.

A)           38

B)            68 C) 88

D) 98



30)          Small ticket item sales outnumbered large ticket item sales during the early days of e-


commerce for all of the following reasons except:

A)           Purchase price was low.

B)            Items were physically small. C) Margins were low.

D) Selection was broad.


31)          Which of the following is the top concern of Internet users about purchasing online? A) inability to see and touch before buying

B)            difficulty of returning products

C)            shipping costs

D)           inability to speak to sales assistant in person


32)          Studies of the effects of social "connectedness" on Internet purchases indicate that the more "connected" an individual:

A)           the less purchasing that individual does.

B)            the less that individual is influenced by friends' purchases.

C)            the more that individual shares purchasing decisions with friends.

D)           the more purchasing that individual does.



33)          The broadest factor in consumer behavior is:

A)           culture.

B)            gender.

C)            education.

D)           psychological background.



34)          In modeling online consumer behavior, consumer skills refers to the:

A)           education level of the consumer.

B)            communication skills of the consumer.

C)            knowledge consumers have about how to conduct online transactions.

D)           product evaluation skills of the consumer.



35)          All of the following are important clickstream behavior factors except:

A)           the number of days since last visit.

B)            the speed of clickstream behavior.

C)            the amount of personal information supplied. D) the number of advertisements viewed.



36)          Approximately  in annual offline retail sales is influenced by online browsing. A) $1.2 trillion

B)            $102 billion

C)            $120 million

D)           $12 million



37)          Which of the following types of online market segmentation and targeting involves using age, ethnicity, religion, etc.?

A)           psychographic B) demographic

C)            technical

D)           contextual



38)          Which of the following types of online market segmentation and targeting involves using consumers' explicitly expressed interest to segment and target?

A)           psychographic

B)            technical C) search

D) contextual



39)          Which of the following types of online market segmentation and targeting involves tracking the actions users take on a Web site?

A)           technical B) behavioral

C)            contextual

D)           psychographic



40)          Which of the following is not one of the main elements of a comprehensive multi-channel marketing plan?

A)           local marketing

B)            offline marketing

C)            social marketing

D)           mobile marketing


41)          All of the following statements are true except:

A)           Online merchants can avoid direct price comparison by introducing information asymmetries into the marketplace.

B)            Relative dispersion of prices for online goods has decreased.

C)            Price dispersion is less for commodities than for differentiated products.

D)           Depending on the seller, there can be large differences in price sensitivity for the same products.




42)          Which of the following statements about the Internet's impact on marketing is not true?

A)           The Internet has broadened the scope of marketing communications. B) The Internet has decreased the impact of brands.

C)            The Internet has increased the richness of marketing communications.

D)           The Internet has expanded the information intensity of the marketplace.



43)          Which of the following features of e-commerce technology has reduced the cost of delivering marketing messages and receiving feedback from users?

A)           ubiquity

B)            richness

C)            interactivity

D)           universal standards



44)          Which of the following features of e-commerce technology allows fine-grained, highly detailed information on consumers' real-time behavior to be gathered and analyzed?

A)           personalization/customization B) information density

C)            social technology

D)           interactivity



45)          The richness made possible by e-commerce technologies does which of the following?

A)           It reduces the cost of delivering marketing messages and receiving feedback from users.

B)            It allows consumers to become co-producers of the goods and services being sold. C) It allows video, audio, and text to be integrated into a single marketing message and consuming experience.

D) It enables worldwide customer service and marketing communications.



46)          For a Web site that has 5 million visitors a month, and where on average, a visitor makes 10


page requests per visit, there will be      entries in the transaction log each month.

A)           50

B) 500,000

C) 5 million D) 50 million



47)          Which of the following is not a social marketing technique?

A)           Pinterest marketing B) app marketing

C)            game marketing

D)           video marketing



48)          All of the following statements about cookies are true except:

A)           Cookies can be used with Web bugs to create cross-site profiles of users.

B)            The data typically stored in cookies includes a unique ID and e-mail address.

C)            Cookies make shopping carts possible by allowing a site to keep track of a user's actions.

D)           The more cookies are deleted, the less accurate ad server metrics become.



49)          A Web beacon is:

A)           a cookie that carries a virus.

B)            an executable cookie.

C)            an automated applet for performing Web searches.

D)           a tiny graphics file embedded in an e-mail or Web page.



50)                         is an industry-standard database query and manipulation language. A) SQL

B)            PHP

C)            DBMS

D)           JSP


51)          All of the following are traditional online marketing tools except:

A)           affiliate marketing.

B)            permission marketing. C) social marketing.

D) sponsorship marketing.



52)          Which of the following examples illustrates the "Long Tail" phenomenon?

A)           Rhapsody music streaming service reported that its no play rate had increased to over 20 percent.

B)            The number of blockbuster "winner take all" video titles is declining.

C)            Over 50 percent of Netflix's 100,000 titles are rented at least once a day by someone.

D)           The average blog has a readership of slightly more than 1.



53)          A             is a repository of customer information that records all of the contacts that a customer has with a firm and generates a customer profile available to everyone in the firm with a need to know the customer.

A)           customer service chat system B) CRM system

C)            data warehouse

D)           transactive content system



54)          Netflix entered the market with a(n)      strategy.

A)           brand extender

B)            fast follower C) first mover

D) alliance



55)          Walmart used which of the following market entry strategies?

A)           first mover

B)            strategic alliance

C)            fast follower D) brand extender



56)          The marketing technique known as         involves merchants offering products or services for a very low price for a short period of time.

A)           search engine marketing B) flash marketing

C)            yield management

D)           bait-and-switch



57)          Which of the following is not a kind of Twitter marketing product?


A)           Promoted Shopping

B)            Promoted Tweets

C)            Promoted Accounts

D)           Promoted Trends



58)          Which of the following is not a feature that is driving social e-commerce growth?

A)           social sign-on

B)            network notification

C)            collaborative   shopping D) personal intelligent agents



59)          Permission marketing:

A)           is a component of e-mail marketing.

B)            is required now by federal law via "opt-in" regulations.

C)            allows Web site users to "turn off" display ads.

D)           is a method of pre-approved marketing to juveniles.



60)          All of the following are attributes of personalized marketing except:

A)           suitable for highly complex products.

B)            unique price.

C)            targeting of individuals. D) use of mass media.



61)          The Nike iD program is an example of which of the following marketing techniques? A) customer co-production

B)            transactive content

C)            price discrimination

D)           permission marketing



62)          The incremental cost of building the next unit of a good is called the:

A)           demand curve.

B)            variable cost. C) marginal cost.

D) fixed cost.



63)          Which of the following statements about a free pricing strategy is false?

A)           Free products and services can knock out potential and actual competitors. B) The free pricing strategy was born in the early days of the Web.

C)            It is difficult to convert free customers into paying customers.

D)           Free products and services can help build market awareness.



64)          Creating multiple variations of information goods and selling these to different market segments at different prices is called:

A)           bundling.

B)            customization.

C)            dynamic pricing. D) versioning.



65)          All of the following are fixed price strategies except:

A)           bundling.

B)            versioning.

C)            free pricing.

D)           yield management.


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