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Homework answers / question archive / For this final exam paper you are to conduct a rhetorical analysis of your own Project Three

For this final exam paper you are to conduct a rhetorical analysis of your own Project Three


For this final exam paper you are to conduct a rhetorical analysis of your own Project Three.

Questions to consider: How and why did you construct the text the way you did? What did you do to shift the purpose for Project Three from Project Two? What sources did you use and why? Why did you make the moves you did? How and why did you attempt to persuade your audience to act? And so on.

In this analysis, you should briefly summarize what you wrote (referencing your work by the title). Also include who your intended audience is and why--and your purpose for telling them about THIS issue and to get them to act in the ways you suggest. You should have a thesis statement that clearly shows analysis.

The rest of the analysis should cover the major choices you made in constructing your text and why you made those choices. The "why" is the bigger part of your analysis.

Focus on things like word choice, sentence structure, organization, use of sources and ways they are integrated/cited, ways you set up the issue to prove it's seriousness, resources you point your audience to (or anything else about solutions), conclusions your draw in the assignment, use of hyperlinks (and anything else structural), etc.

Your conclusion for this analysis should be about how effective you think your text would be--or not--in reaching your audience with your message, based on the evidence you are drawing out of your own work. You could also include what you would have done differently (if anything) to make it more effective and why/why not.

Write in the first person since this is about you and your choices.

Use examples from your writing to demonstrate your choices. Like in Project One, point out words/partial phrases to establish a pattern rather than full quotes to show your choices concretely. If you do use a full quote, what is significant about that? How does it demonstrate why you wrote the way you did? 

Be truthful with yourself--and with  me. This isn't about what you think I want you to say; it's about you being able to analyze your own work effectively

Format the page to MLA standards.

Word count: 1000-1200 words or more.

Writing should meet usual academic conventions (spelling, punctuation, mechanics, capitalizations, development, organization, etc).

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