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Critical Thinking: 1


Critical Thinking:

1. There is a subtext to this essay that if we aren't called by our real names, then somehow we are limited as people. Perez was fortunate enough to have a teacher who was able to help Perez become who he really was in the classroom. Can you think of things besides names that might cause some people to be inhibited in some situations? What might they be?

2. First of all, Perez writes about his own educational experience. He then speaks about some of his students, Skunk and Zaw. What have you learned from his stories of Skunk and Zaw? Based on their stories, can you think of a situation where you may have meant well but acted in a way that didn't really help? What might that have been?

Composing Processes/The Writer's Strategies

 We commonly think of language as being rule driven and controlled by convention. Yet, Perez explains how language is also related to our very identity. How might knowing only one set of conventions (like pronunciation) be limiting and cause problems? 

Please bring at least three hard copies of your rough draft to class with you for peer review.

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