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Homework answers / question archive / Ashford University HEALTHCARE 460 Question1)Lauralynn pays for all her medical care herself, directly to the health care provider

Ashford University HEALTHCARE 460 Question1)Lauralynn pays for all her medical care herself, directly to the health care provider

Health Science

Ashford University


Question1)Lauralynn pays for all her medical care herself, directly to the health care provider. In other words, her payments are through a(n)         .





Question 2

Which country spends the lowest percent of its gross domestic product on health care, according to OECD data?





Question 3




Mortality rate studies of ten developed countries suggest what about the United States? The U.S. has the highest infant mortality rate but the lowest maternal mortality rate.





Question 4




According to the WHO’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) model, the experiences of disability and chronic illness are






Question 5




How is cost containment in health care related to evidence-based practices (EBP)?







Question 6




Urie Bronfenbrenner is MOST associated with                                   .




Question 7




According to several crucial health indicators, how does health in the U.S. over recent decades compare with other developed nations?





Question 8




Which of the following researchers would be most likely to suggest that the sociological imagination enlarges the study of health, illness, and disability?





Question 9




When Denise graduated from the military academy, she was deployed to Afghanistan for one year. Bronfenbrenner would most likely call this event part of Denise’s                                                .







Question 10




A society’s single most important health-related measure is its                                   .







Question 11




Within the U.S., which of the following groups has the highest life expectancy? Black women.





Which of the following is the BEST definition of evidence-based practices?





Question 13




During and after World War II, wage controls on U.S. companies prohibited them from offering their employees higher salaries. How did this action affect healthcare in the United States?



Question 14


Which theorist introduced and developed the biopsychosocial perspective on health and wellness?







Question 15




While the person-in-environment (PIE) classification system is useful in the entire health care field, by which group of professionals is it most often used?



Question 16



Lamont is autistic to the degree that he can take his regular bus from school to his group home, but he is unable to describe the directions to someone else. What is the IFC term for Lamont’s limitation?



Question 17




In recent decades, the definition of the term disability has changed to encompass which key element?






Question 18



Using the WHO’s definition, the “inability of an individual to participate in society at a normal level” describes which term?



Question 19




Which of the following is NOT a physical environmental factor that might affect an individual’s disability?







Question 20





Question 21


On what does the IOM model of disability MOST focus?






Question 22




Assessment, assignment, intervention, and evaluation are the four steps of                                 . the IFC core.




Question 23



Among the following, which question BEST applies to the evaluation of a person’s treatment at the individual level?







Question 24



Kristi knows not to drink alcohol during her pregnancy because it may produce birth defects in her baby. In this scenario, alcohol is a                                                                   .






Question 25




At which ecological level does disease and disability cause the sufferer stress and psychological trauma?





Question 26




At a societal level, a disability can inspire public policy changes if the sufferers are wealthy.






Question 27




In the biopsychosocial model of medical care, physicians must be able to recognize that their own built-in assumptions about race or sex might bias their medical conclusions. What is this ability known as?






Question 28




The physicians who initiated social engineering solutions to solve urban problems—such as providing adequate drinking water and disposing of sewage—laid the foundation for which scientific field?







Question 29




The IFC                                lists all the specific treatment targets that have been agreed upon by the client’s rehabilitation team.





Question 30


Evidence-based medicine expands the discussion of what constitutes                                       . the patient’s point of view.






Experimental research designs typically take place in a highly controlled environment to test a(n)




Question 31



All the following are among Giddens’ elements of social class that are the most critical to a society’s health dynamics EXCEPT:                                                                     .


Question 32




income level, and our community/family relationships impact our health. Which of the following is the BEST term for these factors?

Question 33




Of the ten developed countries that were compared in 2015, which has the highest life expectancy?


Question 34


The use of the term disability as a construct to prevent discrimination based on disability status is a          designation.




 Question 35


Joan, whose leg is in a cast, is glad to be able to use her grabber to pick up a magazine that she dropped. However, John, who has his leg in a cast too, is angry that he has to use his grabber to pick up a magazine that he dropped. How would the IFC model explain this difference?


Question 36

Which of the following is an independent risk factor?




Question 37



Although workplaces are legally mandated to accommodate employees with disabilities, within limits,



Question 38




All of Luis’s family members and friends encourage him and tell him that he is a resilient, optimistic person, despite the fact that he has severe rheumatoid arthritis. What type of social support system does this scenario describe?

. Question 38



What does QALY specifically measure?


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