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Homework answers / question archive / Name:   Points Possible : 68 pts

Name:   Points Possible : 68 pts


Name:   Points Possible : 68 pts. Webquest Assignment- Research: Finding Sources 
1.Go to OER 2. Go to Research: Finding Sources 
3. Read the Outcome: Finding Sources 
Answer the questions below. A.. What could be the first stop on the research train?   
B. It's a good beginning tool, but why isn't it the best tool to use for research?   
C. What's the most infamous example of incorrect information on Wikipedia? Explain. 
b. How is college level research writing assignments ensuring a better chance of accuracy? 
4. Go to the next page: Why It Matters: Research Process Read the page. Answer the questions below. A. What is "The Onion?"   

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