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Homework answers / question archive / Liberty University BUSI 300 1)English-speaking readers typically start scanning at the top right side of the main content area of a website

Liberty University BUSI 300 1)English-speaking readers typically start scanning at the top right side of the main content area of a website


Liberty University

BUSI 300

1)English-speaking readers typically start scanning at the top right side of the main content area of a website.

a.            True

b.            False     


2.            Melody, a manager at Wisbane Inc., received a message from an employee requesting a change in his work timings. However, she had been instructed by her superiors that the company work timings must be strictly followed without any alteration. Which of the following guidelines should Melody follow when composing the message denying the employee's request?

a.            She should place the bad news in the independent clause of a simple sentence.


b.            She should give reasons that will seem logical to the employee.

c.             She should state the refusal before providing reasons.

d.            She should compose the message in active voice.


3.            Stuart is agitated by the political developments that took place in his country in the last couple of months and decides to share his views. He posts his concerns online by filling a simple online form on his browser. The visitors to his online journal can post comments. The technology used in this scenario is an example of:

a.            Yammering.

b.            blogging.

c.             Skyping.

d.            crowdsourcing.


4.            Which of the following is true of requests for information?

a.            They are independent of the quality of the message.

b.            They always follow the inductive outline.

c.             They are door openers for future business.

d.            They are rarely accepted by businesses.


5.            Who among the following individuals follows good practice when sending a good- news message?

a.            Ava, a manager at Auroville Inc., who conveys positive news to her employees using a direct approach

b.            Sameer, a manager at GreenMove Inc., who stresses on the closing thought more than on the main message

c.             Dave, a manager at Wizzware Inc., who organizes his message such that the main idea is presented at the end

d.            Zaiba, a manager at BayWave Corp., who delivers positive news to her employees without providing additional details


6.            In the context of crisis in organizations, victim crisis includes natural disasters, workplace violence, product tampering, and rumors.

a.            True

b.            False


7.            In a(n)   , the event is considered purposeful and includes accidents or harm caused by human error as well as organizational misdeeds such as fraud.

a.            casualty crisis

b.            preventable crisis

c.             victim crisis

d.            accidental crisis


8.            Which of the following exemplifies a good practice when writing a letter extending credit?

a.            Davis writing a letter using an inductive sequence

b.            Megha including sales promotional material in her letter

c.             Tim concealing the basis for the decision to extend credit

d.            Amar emphasizing the acknowledgment of the order more than the credit aspect


9.                           is a persuasive technique used to influence a receiver's perception of a situation.

a.            Liaising

b.            Brainstorming

c.             Stroking

d.            Framing


10.          An appreciation message must never be addressed to an individual's supervisor.

a.            True

b.            False


11.          Which of the following statements is true of text messaging?

a.            It puts less premium on conciseness than email.

b.            It cannot be used to send messages from a cellphone to a computer.

c.             It cannot be used for business purposes.

d.            It is a refinement of computer instant messaging.



12.          When delivering a bad-news message, if the refusal appears in the first sentence of the message,          .

a.            the reader tends to concentrate on understanding the supporting details

b.            the reader's reaction is likely to be negative

c.             the message is easily accepted

d.            the supporting details need not be presented



13.          Chris and Stephanie are friends who reside in two different states. They stay in touch with the help of a computer program that allows them to send messages to each other that both of them can immediately see when they are online. In this scenario, the technology used by Chris and Stephanie is:

a.            text messaging.

b.            instant messaging.

c.             blogging.

d.            phishing.



14.          Which of the following statements is true of voice mail technology?

a.            It has rapidly changing content that requires authorization to post.

b.            It provides a platform for people with shared interests to communicate.

c.             It makes it possible for people to participate on the Web.

d.            It allows flexibility in staying in touch without the aid of a computer.


15.          Which of the following statements is true of instant messaging (IM)?

a.            The best known IM programs require special hardware and training.

b.            To use IM, you maintain a list of people with whom you want to interact.

c.             With IM, your conversation with someone is free from eavesdropping.

d.            With IM, it is important to pay careful attention to spelling and grammar when trading messages.



16.          Which of the following is true of a crisis situation in an organization?

a.            The type of crisis should be identified during crisis response in order to better develop communication messages.

b.            An accident crisis includes accidents or harm caused by human error as well as organizational misdeeds.

c.             A potential crisis situation cannot be determined in terms of areas of vulnerability.

d.            While responding to a crisis, a common message should be communicated to both internal and external audiences.


17.          Steve, a recruiter at Argon Inc., interviews Eric, an engineering graduate. After the interview, Steve writes a message to Eric stating that he has not been selected. In the message, he also suggests that Eric apply for other suitable openings at Argon. The suggestion made by Steve is an example of a(n)              .

a.            agenda

b.            resale

c.             counterproposal

d.            review


18.          Offering a counterproposal in a bad-news message can assist in preserving future relationships with the audience.

a.            True

b.            False


19.          In the context of channels of virtual collaboration, virtual teams can use                that can serve as an electronic bulletin board.

a.            cookies

b.            memos

c.             wikis

d.            caches


20.          Which of the following can make the closing paragraph of a bad-news message pleasant?

a.            Inserting trite statements

b.            Restating the refusal

c.             Including a forward-looking idea

d.            Including a decision that merits an apology


21.          The statement preceding the refusal in the introductory paragraph of a bad-news message should imply that an affirmative decision will follow.

a.            True

b.            False


22.          Issuing a one-line statement using "company policy" as the reason is considered to be adequate while rejecting employee requests.

a.            True

b.            False


23.          Typically, acknowledgment messages are preprinted letters or copies of a sales order.

a.            True

b.            False



24.          Credit refusals cannot serve as order acknowledgments when requests for credit are accompanied with an order.

a.            True

b.            Fals


25.          Good-news messages present the main idea at the end.


a.            True

b.            False

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