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Homework answers / question archive / Arizona State University MUS 354 1)One of the Beatles fathers, Freddie, was a merchant seaman who abandoned his child, only to resurface years later to ask for money from his famous son

Arizona State University MUS 354 1)One of the Beatles fathers, Freddie, was a merchant seaman who abandoned his child, only to resurface years later to ask for money from his famous son


Arizona State University

MUS 354

1)One of the Beatles fathers, Freddie, was a merchant seaman who abandoned his child, only to resurface years later to ask for money from his famous son. This Beatle was...


Paul McCartney Ringo Starr

John Lennon

George Harrison Stu Sutcliffe




John Lennon adds a                                              section to this early Lennon and McCartney song.


piano solo solo guitar


bass vocal electric guitar




In early 1962,                                        , who was impressed with the group's personalities and not their music, became their manager and cleaned up the act visually.


George Martin

Brian Epstein

Tom Parker

Pete Best Stu Sutcliffe



Pete Best, Andy White, and Ringo Starr all played drums on versions of this first Abbey Road Beatles recording. It is...


"There's a Place"

"Love Me Do"

"From Me to You"

"I Saw Her Standing There" "Thank You Girl"




In 1961, the group gave their first                                            performance as the Beatles, eventually playing nearly 300 dates in that location.


Cavern Club

Casbah Club

Keiserkeller Club

London Palladium Wembly Stadium




This song was a #1 hit for                        in '63.


The Beatles

Gerry and the Pacemakers

The Rolling Stones

The Quarry Men The Who





General performance elements of the Beatles include Ringo Starr



in the center of the stage, sharing a mic with Paul

sitting on a platform in the back while he happily smiles and shakes his head

stage left, playing left-handed, sharing a mic with George

on stage right, bobbing up and down with bent knees and looking down his nose

wind milling his right arm while jumping up and down, then doing the splits



When                                       died, Paul moved from guitar to bass, and the Beatles now featured two guitars, bass, and drums.


Pete Best Tony

Sheridan Brian Epstein

Stu Sutcliffe

George Martin




The Beatles honed their skills playing lengthy shows while touring

                                   , where they also meet Ringo Starr for the first time.




Norway Australia





In your textbook, direct parallels are drawn between Elvis and his most inspired follower,       , regarding such elements as intelligence, quick tempers, and their both turning to music as an outlet for self-expression and a means of alleviating frustrations.


George Harrison Ringo Starr

Paul McCartney

 John Lennon

George Martin




In January of '62, the Beatles recorded a 22-song demo tape at

                                     , though that record company did not sign the band.





 Sony RCA




Which of the following songs are Lennon and McCartney compositions?


"Please Mr. Postman"

"Roll Over Beethoven" "Money"

"Like Dreamers Do"

all of the above




The lead singer on this Lennon and McCartney composition is      .


Paul McCartney George Harrison John Lennon

Ringo Starr

Tony Sheridan




Between 1963 and 1969,                                           played piano on Beatles songs such as "Misery," "A Hard Day's Night," "In My Life," "Penny Lane," "All You Need is Love," and "Rocky Raccoon."


Paul McCartney Billy Preston

George Martin

Nicky Hopkins John Lennon




George Harrison conceived the jazzy                                     used on the intro (and the end) of this recording.


diminished chord

added sixth chord

augmented chord blues chord

minor chord



16 ?

Generally speaking, female fans who started to wear "I LOVE GEORGE" buttons usually preferred the...


sweet, sentimental, romantic and "doe eyed" type


everyday man, the type they could "mother"

older, well-educated, wealthy industrialist type quiet, introspective, spiritual type

humorous, edgy, intellectual "bad boy" type



In 1959 the group had early success at the                                                        , run by John and Mona Best, whose son would soon join on drums.


Cavern Club Indra Club Keiserkeller Club

 Casbah Club

Star Club




From 1958-63,                                         of the Beatles career occurred, featuring their formative years and the early songwriting of John and Paul.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5





The introduction of                             on this song becomes a vocal trademark of the Beatles. Song was From me to you


narrative style three part harmony Doo Wop style







When the Beatles met Elvis at the end of their 1965 tour of America, they congregated at        for an impromptu jam session.



the Hollywood Hotel on Sunset Strip

his mansion in Bel Air, CA

the Hollywood Bowl the beach





One of the Beatles spent much of his time in the hospital as a child, spending two months in a coma at age six, and suffering from pleurisy at age thirteen. He is...


Paul McCartney

 Ringo Starr

George Harrison John Lennon Pete Best





This song was originally recorded by the female Motown group



Miracles Supremes



Vandellas Pacemakers




In 1968, John met an artist at a London art gallery where she was showing her work, and the two began having a very public affair. She is...


Cynthia Lennon Astrid Kircher Maureen Cox

Yoko Ono

Linda Eastman





The Beatles' second album featured new studio techniques such as double tracked lead vocals, and was released with a different title in the United States. The original UK title is...


Please Please Me Love Me Do

With the Beatles

I Want to Hold Your Hand My Bonnie




Effective vocal harmony opens this '63 John song,                                                                           .


"Twist and Shout" "All My Loving" "Love Me Do"


"From Me to You"






The drummer on this first version of "Love Me Do" is...


Pete Best

Andy White Ringo Starr Stu Sutcliffe

Paul McCartney




Who was the likely composer of this first Beatles recording?


Chuck Berry

Buddy  Holly

Lennon and McCartney

Leiber and Stoller Mitch Murray




The fact that both John and Paul                                         during their teen years was the basis of an unspoken bond between the two young men.


were children of divorce idolized Elvis Presley

were expelled from school

lost their mothers

were born during World War II





This true Lennon and McCartney collaboration from 1963 was.. unreleased by Capitol Records in America

the Beatles' first song on the British charts the Beatles' first #1 British single

the biggest selling single in the UK for '63

the Beatles' first U.S. Top 40 hit



Meet the Beatles was the U.S. version of the UK release,                                                    , featuring a different song line up and released here in '64.


Please Please Me She Loves You

With the Beatles

I Want to Hold Your Hand none of the above


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