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Homework answers / question archive / Introduction A general overview of your essay

Introduction A general overview of your essay


  1. Introduction
    1. A general overview of your essay. What type of essay did you attempt to write? Provide background for your audience. Why did you pick this topic and how have you changed?
    2. Your research questions. What did you set our trying to learn? Are you any closer to an answer after writing this essay?
  2. Review of your sources that you used. What did scholars have to say about your topic?
    1. Give the audience an idea of what articles and books you used. What were some quotes that stood out and why?
  3. Statement of Purpose. Basically, this is your thesis statement or research question. Explain how your thesis or question differs from the existing information that you already read about your topic.
  4. Description of your research methods.
    1. What types of research did you conduct while writing this essay? You might want to consider surveys, personal interviews, critical questions asked, new viewpoints not discussed in current articles, etc. What do you believe you are missing?
    2. Consider the opposing viewpoint. What will you need to anticipate?
  5. The presentation should be 4-6 minutes and should be presented using a Prezi, Animoto, or another on-line resource that can be uploaded to Blackboard. No PPT. Take into consideration the aesthetics of your presentation. Your goal is to capture your audience’s attention.  

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