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Homework answers / question archive / Georgia State UniversityCPS 3200 CHAPTER 12 1)A code of behavior resembling the Golden Rule of ______________ A denomination is   2

Georgia State UniversityCPS 3200 CHAPTER 12 1)A code of behavior resembling the Golden Rule of ______________ A denomination is   2


Georgia State UniversityCPS 3200


1)A code of behavior resembling the Golden Rule of ______________ A denomination is


2. A sect is most similar to a_____________



3. After becoming discouraged with priests who aligned themselves with foreign ____________ After Christianity, the organized religion in the US_____________



4. All known religions have survived throughout history __________ Although vague and general by definition, values are reflected_____


5. An agnostic is a person who says __________Atheists are basically__________


6. Atheists take the position that ____________ Beliefs are comprised of _________


9. Confucianism is ___________

10. Confucianism________

11. Distinguishing characteristics of a Buddhist monastery include____________ Faith, which is closely related to beliefs and values is based on________

12. Fantasies require no belief in them and can serve as a means of constructing hypotheses to test _______________

13. Hatred of Jews is called __________________


15. Hinduism in not a single unified religion ______________

16. If you are like most Americans, you will tend to cast your vote for _____________

17. In a religious sense, beliefs are related to In _____________the US, the Christian church with the largest population ___________


18. In Zoroastrianism life is viewed as ____________


19. Islam is an ancient religion with historical and theological ties to Judaism and Christianity _______________

20. It is difficult to determine the exact number of Muslims in the US _______________

21. Jews and Muslims are forbidden by religious _______________

22. Karma in Hindu Buddhist religions is ______________

23. Religious faith implies belief outside of scientific facts or info ____________



24. Mosques are ______________

25. Most people accept the religion of their youth without much questioning ________________

26. New information and knowledge is always filtered through ____________ Nirvana in Hinduism is the same as___________

27. One feature of Buddhism that distinguishes it from many other faiths is _______________

28. One message that scientists seem to agree upon is _______________

29. One teaching related to Judaism which has been troublesome _____________

30. Politics is as much about selling the person as selling ideas ____________

31. Religious freedom in the US is so valued that it is addressed in this historic document______________

32. Robert Wilson, a noted psychologist and philosopher, advanced the idea that beliefs ______________

33. Scholars compiled early Jewish teachings and writings into a collection that is called the _______________

34. Shinto means ___________Shinto is the national religion of _______________


35. Studies have shown that the                  is most primitive part of the brain and it provides us _____________

36. Taoists live according to the Tao __________Taoism is a philosophical religion native to ____________


37. The                  sect comprises the majority of Muslims all over the world. ________________

38. The Ayatollah is ______________

39. The basic premise of an agnostic is that ____________



40. The classic religions of the world have been identified on the basis of __________


41. The concept of reincarnation _____________


42. The English language has advantages and disadvantages when trying to describe reality__________

43. The first known Buddha was______________

44. The largest Muslim population lives in ______________



45. The method most agnostics use is _____________

46. The most common form of the practice of Hinduism________________


47. The people who have played the most prominent role in Buddhism are _______________

48. The power of religion rests in the unknown and the many mysteries of life __________

49. The religion considered to have the largest membership __________

50. The study of religion is specifically called_____________

51. The term politics has come to refer to the activities within an organization by which people _____________

52. The US is viewed as a nation of diverse religions, but primarily_________________


53. The way the brain works is that what we think of as true or real ___________

54. Those beliefs that you accept as true but without much thought are called ______________

55. Those beliefs that you actively hold as true and reflect upon are ________________

56. Values focus primarily on_______________

57. Which of the following is credited by noted philosophers as the basis of all human knowledge _________

58. Which of the following is least related to the essence of value _____________

59. Zoroastrianism is a religion __________



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